Santander League: Bernabu's play with Simeone and the 'mourinhista' curse broken by Zidane | LaLiga Santander 2019




Since 2012, with the Portuguese coach on the bench, Real Madrid did not win a league derby at the Bernabu.

Zidane, in the middle of the derby, with Simeone in the background.

“Cholo don't go, Cholo stay.” With the triumph of the derby in his pocket, the Bernabu ended up singing the rival technician with a lot of fun. In less than a month, a title won before the neighbor and a league duel of great importance conquered. And in memory, those two Champions final. The scream came out of the animation background, but at the moment the whole stadium was encouraged. “I didn't hear anything,” he said later in the press room, where he made an optimistic analysis of the game and the situation of his team, 13 points from Madrid. “I left the first part taste good,” he said. Justified the discussed change of Morata, the best of his own, remembering some possible inconvenience of the striker.

The rival technician He had taken the yellow one before the break, after several warnings from the referee. He is nervous, frustrated at not achieving the advantage on the scoreboard that his team was deserving in the first part of the derby. The Atlantic was superior from pe to pa, I live in the pressure, well ordered back and with several clear options to have put forward. The rojiblancos forgot their usual prudence to go for a dwarfed Madrid, which did not expect such an ambitious exit (Narracin and statistics).

Not even the medullary town of Zidane gave him any control of the game, between losses and balls hung for the auction of Modric or Isco, who are not exactly expert battering. Work of alio for Philip Y Savic, the attic twin towers.

In the previous one, Morata and Simeone took the big whistles, more the technician, although the one of the canterano, winner of two was also striking Champions of white. From the bottom they called rat for a while later, in an ugly number of those pointed out by the League. Dur little, but it was heard.

The rojiblanco striker fell into the area struggling with Casemiro. He did not protest it, although later the repetition would give arguments for the policy. Stumble or push? Everything light, as the VAR considered, but enough for the derby to leave an arbitral hangover on the mattress side. “There are arbitrators, linemen, those of the VAR … Many people to see it; I did not see it,” Simeone cleared, not wanting to put the spoon. More angry was its president, Cerezo, who complained that there was no justice.

Despite the recent good memory for whites, in the final of the Super Cup, in their stadium they did not win a derby since December 2012, with Mourinho on the bench. The course of the first part did not seem an announcement that things were going to change this afternoon almost spring in La Castellana.

Winning tactical change

Zidane saw him as everyone, that the thing was not going in any way. That is why I radically changed the system at rest, with two changes already in the changing rooms. Rare in such a hurry and determination when moving chips. Isco and Kroos out; inside Lucas Vzquez and Vinicius. Just 10 minutes took the change to bear fruit, with the 1-0 devised by the young Brazilian, ready to put Mendy in depth. His good center at the heart of the area was impaled by Benzema, 13 goals in the League.

“Zidane changed the game with his decisions,” Courtois said, happy for the win over his former club. Felipe, the central red and white, also looked at the white coach in his final summary. “They made two very aggressive changes and we were very back.”

The derby was another, with a much more vertical Madrid and an Attic suddenly down, dismantled by the need to score and without improving with the changes. I lost his chance in the beginning and paid later. The Bernabu I didn't pass any final nerves, between the anger over the red that Felipe didn't see and the jokes with Simeone.

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