Sandra Barneda tells Bertín Osborne what everyone thinks: “You're not doing it right”

The presenter was emphatic when responding this Wednesday to the singer's words, who attacked some colleagues for echoing her pregnancy. Gabriela Guillén and the information it carried. Bertin Osborne He had his particular scuffle with Sandra Barneda and she responded bluntly: “You're not doing it right.”

The Mediaset presenter explained: “What we are trying to do, since you mentioned me in your Instagram live, is that It is very difficult to defend yourself with everything you are doing“. And he added: “I don't think even Fabiola could defend you. The role that your daughters have and are playing is very complicated to defend yourself. Bertin, I'm sorry, but you're not doing it right. Shut up, you better shut up“.

Barneda is not the only one who has criticized Osborne for his attitude in recent months and especially for the statements he offered this Wednesday in his leading magazine (with prior payment, of course). Apart from throwing darts at information professionals (“I thought I had friends in the middle but I didn't”) he has made his decision clear about his seventh child with Gabriel Guillén: “I'm not going to be a father, I don't want to be a father. “I'm a responsible guy and I'll help and take care of whatever I have to take care of. That's all.” Some words that have set social networks on fire: “You have to be shameless.”