Sandra Barneda reveals the ban faced by Jenni Hermoso’s fellow soccer players by their clubs

The presenter of This is life has revealed this Friday that the program has tried to bring several fellow soccer players from Jenni Beautiful to his set. However, Sandra Barneda has met with a negative response from their respective clubs.

“This program wanted to pay tribute to the players so that they came. Some wanted to come and talk and the First Division clubs have not allowed them, against the will of the players,” explained the journalist.

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the ex of Nagore RoblesIn addition, he says that soccer clubs prefer to keep athletes in silence. “Above all, the players do not speak because it seems that there is an imperative on the part of the clubs, that the law of silence prevail for the moment,” she said.

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This situation, in his opinion, “is not fair”, since he assures that Luis Rubiales Yes, he can do what he wants at the media level. “Luis Rubiales can put everyone, his mother, his nieces… And Jenni Hermoso’s teammates in silence because the clubs ask for it. I don’t know if it’s fair,” Barneda lamented.