Sandra Barneda opens up about her most “delicate” moment on Telecinco: “I received unfair criticism”

Sandra Barneda received the most difficult assignment from Mediaset when she had to present, last summer, the program that Save me. The comparisons were inevitable and also “unfair”, as the presenter confesses to Informalia. She says it was a “delicate moment” that she resolved “with professionalism” and she is proud that This is life has continued after the summer and continues to this day on Telecinco's after-dinner program with a stable audience.

Now it is on the air twice, because the seventh season of The island of temptations. The first program, broadcast on Tuesday, led with 13.9% and the second, which was seen this Wednesday, garnered 14.1%, an audience well above the average for a network struggling to get out of the crisis. suffers and improve their delicate situation. “The public continues to support us,” declares the presenter regarding the success of a program that “always surprises me.”

Were you surprised by the audience at the premiere?

The island of temptations It continues to give us joy. The reception from the public is always good, but when you release a program you wonder how the public will receive it and we have verified that they continue to support us.

If you had to define this edition with any adjective, what would it be?

It's hard. It has a hasty and unexpected start because a lot of things happen and it throws anyone off. In this season there are many touches of humor and the biggest novelty is that a couple has entered that has been formed in the program and now participates in the contest.

Does Temptation Island succeed because the public sees itself reflected in some of the participants' behaviors? Do you have mirror work?

It has a very important anthropological part. The program makes you consider issues that occur within the couple. Okay, this is an island and they are in a bubble, but reality is stranger than fiction. We have all had 20 years, times where we have been hurt, we have had doubts… and that is addictive. On the other hand, it is one of the best-made reality shows, very well edited, and that must be appreciated. Besides, The island of temptations It is the perfect 360 program, because you can see it by following social networks at the same time: it brings out the creativity of many people and produces many memes.

What moves the contestants to participate in Temptation Island?

The fact of being part of The island of temptations because that is already a pedigree. Some believe that it is not a big deal and that they are going to have everything under control, but when they arrive they realize that there is nothing directed, they let them loose and what we do is analyze their emotional roller coaster. We all put ourselves in their shoes and wonder what would happen if they did it to us.

With your experience on the program, do you quickly detect unfaithful people?

I have a terrible eye for that. I am wrong most of the time, although I always bet on love. It always surprises me too The island of temptations.

Are you still betting on love despite what you see on the program?

Yes always. Furthermore, I believe that the couples who have passed through the format are the ones who communicate best.

In addition to Temptation Island you are in That's Life. How are you experiencing the new stage of Mediaset with all the changes that have occurred in the last year?

It has been… I love making a magazine show, I have a great time, and I didn't like having received unfair criticism for being at a precise moment… We have all suffered times in which there are things that end, begin or they end, because the decisions are not ours. I continue in this profession because I work with enthusiasm. I like to be a 'girl for everything' and do entertainment, politics, current affairs… but, above all, have the greatest respect for everyone. I have experienced it as the transit that it has been. It has been a joy that we have been able to stay because we have done a good job in a time of uncertainty that was not easy to manage.

Are you referring to the criticism for the comparisons between That's Life and Sálvame?

Which I understand is normal, because there is an absence and it is compared. What happens is that you realize that we are not vaccinated against praise and bad criticism and that hurts you. I try to treat everyone well, all my professional colleagues.

You have to admit that you had it very difficult. To put it colloquially, you were hit hard when you had to present the program that replaced Sálvame en Verano…

We had it complicated, but there are times when you have to receive these delicate moments where you have to show professionalism. I loved returning to the live show, because I think I feel very comfortable there. Daily programs are allowed to breathe, especially when you come from another program that has been on the air for 14 years, and I think we have settled well after the summer. We are doing a good job and César [Muñoz] and I had a good time. That's what's important.

Are you happy with the result?

Yes, we have stayed in a zone that has a high advertising load and we are doing very well and people are having a good time. We have a pretty cute program.

In This is Life you have shown a looser, more carefree and approachable face. Have you felt like this?

It depends on the vital moment you are in. It has coincided with a very beautiful moment personally and the presenters teach more than we say. I am in a moment of personal maturity, a lot of listening, calmer… Therefore, the enjoyment is greater.

Have you asked the chain's new leadership for a project?

[Risas] No, but I would be delighted to receive an interesting project and I am convinced that the network will think of me if there is one that fits my profile.

You can take the opportunity to order from here.

I live in the present and I just want the audience to continue watching. The island of temptations and? This is life stay on the air.

And is it going to continue or is there any change in sight?

You already know that sometimes we are the last ones to find out. At the moment yes, but that “at the moment” on television doesn't mean anything. Whatever lasts will be fine and whatever comes, too. In 2024 I am also very focused on my new novel.

With An ocean to reach you he was a finalist for the Planet. What do you think of the criticism that Sonsoles Ónega has received?

That someone is criticized because we appear on television… it seems that those of us who appear on television and write are dumber.

Did you receive those criticisms?

In my case, maybe because I was the finalist and not the one who won, maybe they forgave me more, but it makes me feel bad because she is a colleague and because an award that has been around for a long time and there is a jury with some important names in the world is being questioned. Of letters. I feel bad because people are left with the premise that the people who make television are illiterate or do not have the ability to write.

Have you read his novel?

Not yet. I had left it for this Christmas and I got Covid, I've been in a mess all holidays. I'm keeping an eye on it because, furthermore, when I'm writing a novel I don't like to read other novels, I only read essays. It's a hobby I have.