Sandoval: “Justice has been done”

José Ramón Sandoval, technician of Fuenlabrada, appeared as soon as the ruling of the Competition Committee and assured that with the decision to set for this Wednesday the meeting of Riazor before him Deportivo de la Coruña “He has done justice.”

“We are satisfied at the club because justice has been done. We have fought for the right to end the competition on the field and it has been so. Our wish was just to play the game, “ assured from the Fernando Torres stadium.

Sandoval does not have all his staff and will have to reinforce the team in various positions with players from the subsidiary, but he stressed the importance of fighting on the field for the option of playing the promotion playoff if they score a point against Dépor.

“We all asked that at least they let us play the game. We didn't ask for more. We respect the protocols of these fifteen daysThree days ago we asked to play because we had enough players and from there it is to go to Coruña to play the game and earn the right to play the playoff. You can not remove the illusion of some players who fought on the field and a pandemic prevented it from being played. It is fair that it be played, “he said.

The Fuenlabrada coach He has no doubts about the behavior of Dépor and was confident that they will present the game on Wednesday. “It will be presented because they are professionals and they are going to demonstrate it. So we have to keep the game in mind and prepare it as best we can to get the point we need to play the playoffs. “

Sandoval wished “the best” to the Galician team already descended to Second B and thanked “the treatment of his doctor” during the confinement in the hotel in Coruña. “Now it's time to compete on the field and it's a team that belongs to The league, so you have to finish the competition and not harm the rest of the teams any more. It does not occur to me that a club like them does not show up. They are great professionals and they are going to do it. “

He also had words to value the Elche's behavior, who sees his presence in the playoff endangered. “This pandemic has brought out the best and worst in human beings. We won the last game we played in Elche and we have the right to fight on the field. It is fair. We only want to play and have the same rights that they have had.”

Focused on your team, Sandoval highlighted the strength shown by his players and defended that they are the most affected after being victims of the coronavirus.

“What has bothered us most is that people said that we were the most benefited, without thinking about how the team is physically and mentally due to the pandemic. We have all got together and we have given ourselves energy. Our hobby has been the engine to get up. Now we are standing and we have to fight. It is the party of illusion and to demonstrate that this pandemic cannot with you, “he said.

For the Fuenlabrada coach his team has given “a life lesson” and he has fought “to compete” without ever making excuses. “We want to play the game and even if we lose we are not going to make excuses. We put a lot of work to be the best team after the confinement and now we want to compete so that the one who really earned it plays. If we reach the point that we are missing, nobody will discuss what these players have done on the field. “

Finally, Sandoval ruled out a 24 team league after complaints from numerous affected clubs. “By asking we have all asked, but sanity has to reign at this time and here only one match has been postponed, not an entire competition.”