Sandaza and Stoichkov bitter Zaragoza

The entry of the veteran forward Fran Sandaza in the 70th minute the story of the confrontation between Real Zaragoza and Alcorcón changed because the Madrid team's lead was key in the first two goals of their team, achieved with just two minutes of difference, and closed the account marking the third.

When he had barely half a minute on the pitch the Toledo knew how to take advantage of an error by the central defender from Zaragoza 'Pichu'Attempts to leave the ball to his teammate Juan Diego MolinaStoichkov“in the 71st minute and, two later, repeat as an assistant so that his team put the 0-2 on the scoreboard.

Sandaza He completed his great night scoring the goal that closed the contest in the 84th minute, after another poor clearance from the Zaragoza team that took advantage Adrian Dieguez to leave the goal on a plate to his partner.

The local team started the game looking to maintain their style before the break, dominating the ball and having patience while their rival tried to be well placed and, at times, with high pressure that gradually withdrew with the passage of minutes.

At those moments, the Maño team also sought to combine the touch with a long ball to surprise the Madrid forward defense but it did not work.

Iñigo Eguaras exercised his role as director of the Zaragoza game intervening in most of his team's possessions but he lacked precision in deep passes.

He was the only one who risked because in control of the ball the team of Víctor Fernández seemed to have the slogan of not losing it in compromised areas and for that reason he lacked the usual speed of his football.

The Alcorcón, compact as always, did not chew the plays as much as its rival and its objective was to quickly reach the goal of the Argentine Cristian Alvarez.

With both teams giving the sensation of playing without forcing for fear of injury and idling, there were hardly any occasions in the first 45 minutes.

The best a long game change of Eguaras in the 10th minute for the winger Alberto Guitián, who could not connect well in front of goal Dani Jiménez and in 31 one of Luis Suárez who could not contact the ball in the heart of the area after a pass from Shinji Kagawa because a very fast “Laure“Sanabria was ahead of him.

After the break the presence of Alex Blanco instead of Kagawa gave more speed to the blanquillo set beginning to arrive on its right flank to the foreign area, which dragged to a certain extent the rest of the teammates who put in more speed.

However, what changed the game was an error by Atienza in the 71st minute who made a bad pass and that allowed the newcomer Fran Sandaza retrieve the ball and leave it free to Stoichkov.

Just two minutes later the same couple was the protagonist of the second visiting goal that left the contest sentenced. Sandaza He left his pair and when he faced the Zaragoza goal, he yielded so that the San Roque player scored his second goal of the match again.

With everything decided, Fran Sandaza He took advantage of the confusion of the owners of the land to close the Alcorconera account with the third of his team who left the last goal of Linares in nothing for the Saragossa in the prolongation.

Check the summary and goals of the match:

1 – R. Zaragoza: Cristian Álvarez; Guitián (Zapater, m.78), Atienza, El Yamiq, Nieto; Soro (Burgui, m.67), Eguaras, Raúl Guti, Igbekeme (Linares, m.77); Kagawa (Alex Blanco, min.46) and Luis Suárez (Ratón, m.79).

3 – A.D. Alcorcón: Dani Jiménez; Laure, David Fernández, Diéguez; Mula, Luis Perea (Aguilera, m.87), Dorca (Reko, m.57), Ernesto (Sandaza, m.70), Bellvís; Stoichkov (Sosa, m.87) and Dani Romera (Myakushko, m.57).

Goals: 0-1. m.71. Stoichkov; 0-2. m.73. Stoichkov; 0-3. m.84. Sandaza; 1-3. m.93. Linares.

Referee: Pulido Santana (Las Palmas Committee). He sent off with a direct red to local goalkeeper Cristian Alvarez (m.77). He booked the local Guitián (m.12) and the visitor Dorca (m.36) with a yellow card.

Incidents: match corresponding to day 32 of the SmartBank League played at the La Romareda stadium. A minute of silence was observed for the victims of the coronavirus