Sánchez Vera: “You can't lose a final like this, I think it's not good for women's football”


The coach of Levante UD Femenino, José Luis Sánchez Vera, stated this Saturday that “you cannot lose a final like this”, in reference to the 7-0 defeat conceded by his players in the title match of the Spanish Super Cup, and that That “is not good for women's football” in its evolution.

“We are hurt, sad. We are not going to hide, we cannot lose a final like this, I think it is not good for women's football and I think it is not fair for our fans. We are not going to settle, it is a hard blow, it is a big deal, we have to continue growing and now it's time to live it, it's time to suffer it, move forward and from tomorrow we will see it in another way, on Monday in another way, etc.”, reflected Sánchez Vera after the final, played at the Municipal Stadium of Butarque (Leganés).

In his press conference, the Levante coach praised the culés. “It does a lot and good to have a team like FC Barcelona in the Spanish League. I think it is the example that we all have to continue to have as a reference; I say it like this at a football level, at a staff level, at a club level. .. It's hard to suffer it down below, but it's a pleasure to have it so close and learn,” he argued in this regard.

In addition, he summarized how a hopeful start to the game turned into torture. “You have two very clear ones in the first five minutes to have tried to make some noise… and from then on I think there has been a team that has played at Mariona's pace,” praised Caldentey.

“I already said it at a press conference, it has happened, we have not been able to stop it and surely in the part as coach I have not managed to hit the right note. And that's it, we have had to play in tow and there is little more explanation of the match. A team much superior to another,” he added.

Despite the heavy defeat, Sánchez Vera was confident for the rest of the season. “We are going to try again, we are in the quarterfinals of the Cup and we want to play in a final again, which is the important thing,” he said. “I fight beyond the club I work for, I fight for our football, for women's football. But you can't give everything, of course,” he lamented from the Butarque press room.

“Today was in our hands, I don't know if we haven't been up to par or what, but we haven't been good. Just as it is important to have references like FC Barcelona, ​​it is important for all of us who want to be there and it is almost a ' déjà vu' from all the teams. Let's see if we are able to understand the message and are able to get closer. The problem is not with Barça, the problem is with the rest of us,” he said.

“I think we lacked personality or knowledge, or surely in that situation I should have modified tactically, accumulated even more people, given up trying to think that we could steal higher. And the footballers would surely have been more comfortable in that sense. What I imagined the other day with Atleti came out and today nothing has come out, I feel bad for the footballers,” he analyzed.

Meanwhile, Sánchez Vera repeated his praise for the good work of Barça in its women's football section when years ago they lost the League to Atlético de Madrid. “He had the ability to keep the players and give them continuity, the projects continued. Something Barça did well in their time, it is something that today is a consequence or result of many years of work. It is not achieved in a short-term situation, The processes take time; they require many things, they require investment, they require positioning yourself as a club,” he explained.

“In that hierarchy that is marking women's football, which is growing, what was done before is not valid for everyone. Now, I think it is also a good example how a Levante with fewer tools than other clubs has been able to be in a final “, stressed the 'granota' coach.

“The gap now so great that there is between Barça and the rest is not going to be equaled in two or three months. Having the Pinas, Aitanas, Marionas, Patris, Salmas, Putellas… is a consequence of the work of many years behind and to be able to retain footballers, to be able to train footballers and know where you want to go. They have worked very well, they are the best for a reason,” Sánchez Vera insisted.

“We have to learn many things and if we don't want to take it that way… But I know that it hurts, that it stings, that it is a result that does not help women's football, I am very hurt by that, because it is not a result that I like.” for my fans and because women's football doesn't help,” he concluded.