Sánchez Flores: “In the Cup we do not carry pressure or tension”


The coach of Sevilla FC, Quique Sánchez Flores, assured before the Copa del Rey quarter-final match against Atlético de Madrid at the Cívitas Metropolitano that they do not carry “pressure or tension” as in LaLiga, and that the cup-winning objective is try to reach the end and overcome “hyper-demanding” obstacles such as the 'colchonero' team.

“In the Cup the mentality has been different. They do not carry pressure or tension. It will be a very demanding level, because we are teams with very different realities, but we are going to show our face and play the best possible game, in a hyper-demanding scenario and competitive,” he commented at a press conference.

Of course, the Cup does not hide the bad reality of LaLiga. “But the other reality exists, and it scares, it looms, it impoverishes us, it weakens us and it leaves us all in a very great state of helplessness, in that we do not understand certain reactions,” she acknowledged.

Regarding last Sunday and the defeat against Girona, he wants to “turn the page.” “It's not left for us now. Moving on to the next chapter, which is a very exciting match, in a very complicated stadium, with a rival that is very grown and is in a great moment and we as Sevillistas, with the experience that this team has , with the history he has behind him, because he has to help us to go to a stage as important and as demanding as it is going to be,” he reiterated.

“I think there will be no room for surprise, it will not surprise anyone. They are going to continue maintaining their block, they are going to continue playing the same, they are going to maintain practically the same lineup and it is true that despite the fact that the need comes together in this match and we have the same goal, to advance to the semifinals, the needs of the season in general are very different,” he noted about the playing styles and the different moments that each team is experiencing.

In this sense, Sánchez Flores accepted and accepted that LaLiga is a “burden” for Sevilla in this Cup, despite the fact that the players' mentality may be different. “Their need is to remain in the elite and in the demand to win all possible titles this season and we, except in this competition, have a reality that we drag other competitions that are weighing us down a lot,” he noted.

“Therefore the fight is agonizing, it is going to be an impressive fight between now and the end of the season and what we do have is set objectives. We have a goal in the Cup that is exciting and we are going to try to fight for it until the end,” he argued in this regard.

On the other hand, without giving names but being asked about Rafa Mir and his possible departure, he was clear: “Days ago I already said that I want there to be players in Seville who want to defend the Sevilla shield.” “Basically, that. And that is my job, to identify them and it is my job to put them on the field. As for everything else, I can't talk about what the players think about their status because I don't know specifically,” he explained.

And he asked the fans to get up and cheer. “Let them stand up, we need all of them. Now everyone has to push us. We have to do everything in our power, but we need you to push us, to stand by our side,” he was sincere.

On the other hand, regarding the VAR, he was also very clear: he prefers to have it available. “I go with the peace of mind that I think they are not going to make mistakes and I think that having a tool is going to help them. I have that thought, very free and particular, that I am convinced that many share it, many coaches, and many others do not They share it. But I have that, I prefer to believe in people, believe in professionals, rather than live in permanent doubt and live in distrust. It makes me happier,” he said.