Sánchez Dragó’s tweet about the King and Vargas Llosa that goes viral post-mortem: “Which one will die first?”

The death of the journalist this Monday has caused a great commotion. Despite his advanced age, 86 years old, he was “in good health”, as his friends and family have pointed out. Proof of this is that barely two months ago, the Sánchez Dragon He displayed his blackest humor to launch a question that today has received an answer: “A bit of funereal humor… Vargas Llosa, the King Emeritus and I are the same age. I see them both on TV and I wonder which one of the three will die first”.

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The tweet has gone viral this Monday on networks, where memes have multiplied hours after learning that a heart attack had ended the life of the writer, who rushed his Easter holidays in Castilfrío de la Sierra (Soria), his homeland , along with his girlfriend, Emma Nogueiro, 30 years old.