Samu Costa or the experience of youth

With such a long squad, the prominence of the 18 new faces of Almería will be scarce in some players. The one who has quickly adapted to the Almeria discipline is Samuel Costa (1999, Aveiro, Portugal). The Portuguese player has formed a midfielder pair with De la Hoz in the two rojiblancos matches, although the almost eight years that both have been, they do not seem like it watching them act and not precisely because the Cantabrian has a bad performance.

However, the footballer owned by Sporting de Braga (Almería has a purchase option at the end of the season) has shown veteran's workmanship both in the friendlies and in the match at Anxo Carro and in the defeat against Sporting both when multiplying without the ball, either near the two midfielders or jumping to pressure in the last minutes, such as when circulating the ball in the offensive phase.

Shield / Flag Almería

“VI joined Almería to take a leap into world football, which is my dream “, Samu confesses on the first occasion in which he has spoken since he was an Indálico footballer, recognizing that he is at home. “I feel adapted. I want to earn a space and play at the best level,” he says, at the same time that he thinks that everything lies in work, learning that his father taught him when he began his career at the Beira-Mar bases. Later he wore the shirts of Gafanha and Palmeiras de Braga, while at the age of 16 he was recruited by Sporting de Braga.

“I am waiting for a year of conquests and I am 100% to help my team and my teammates. I am a hardworking gamer. I also like to touch the ball, “continues the midfielder, who wants revenge on Saturday (4:00 pm) in Las Gaunas. “Sunday was an unfair result. I don't like to lose even in training., but now we have to work to beat Logroñés. They are going to be left behind. We must have patience and play football to break the defensive line and be able to generate chances, “concludes the Portuguese, who was barely seven years old when Torres struck the ball against Jens Lehmann …