Sam Asghari accuses Britney Spears of continued assaults and infidelities: the war begins

No more love, friendship and good manners. The dancer has asked the artist for a divorce after 14 months of marriage and everything indicates that the war between them has only just begun. Twenty-four hours after the announcement, people very close to Sam Asghari (29) have claimed that Britney Spears (41) assaulted him while he was sleeping: “He gave him a black eye. He was shocked.”

And it was no exception: “She would get violent and the security team had to intervene. There have been many fights between them during the seven years they have been together.” The middle TMZ, which includes these statements, also offers numerous images of Asghari with bruises on the face, arms and even bite marks. The same sources say that “Sam was very worried because Britney is obsessed with knives. She had them all over the house, even in her bedroom. She was paranoid that someone could kidnap her and said that the knives would protect”.

The last discussion between Sam and Britney took place a few weeks ago, when the dancer accused his still wife of having been unfaithful with an employee: “There have been inappropriate sexual attitudes and acts, such as asking some employees to film her naked at home”. Apparently, it is not about simple suspicions: “It has compromising images”.

Renegotiate the prenuptial agreement

In fact, the same sources suggest that Sam will play with these photographs to renegotiate the prenuptial agreement, for which he promised not to receive a dollar from his beloved wife in the event of divorce. Now, the tables have turned and Asghari demands a pension: “He has extremely embarrassing information for Britney and will use it to make her break the financial agreement.”

Spears’ team has denied this information and assures that they are working to make the separation amicable. “They are talking about blackmail and that will not happen. We will protect Britney,” they told Page Six.