Salem and Oscar Cornejo face their way of understanding TV: “The Mass of La 2 is trash TV”

Contemplate managers of Mediaset throwing headlines at each other is more engaging than seeing Jorge Javier Vazquez yelling at him “daughter of p” to a big sister or saying “fuck it” or oblivion ants. We talk about Alessandro Salemtop executive of the listed company, and oscar cornejoproducer of Save me. Executioner and victim agree that this is not trash TV. One says that he now wants polite and family television and the other equates the decision of his boss with the ban on abortion by the Supreme Court in the US, homophobia in Poland or discrimination against women in Turkey.

We see the CEO of the chain on one side of the ring; in another, to the producer of Save me, and somewhere in the middle of the communication director of the audiovisual giant. For once they substitute their own puppets and use three newspapers like The world, The country o Lthe vanguard instead of the set of one of their ousted programs in which they insult without so many euphemisms Kiko Hernandez, the sisters Campos and cries Lydia Lozano when Albano’s daughter is resurrected.

Salem and Cornejo are somewhat more subtle than the Esteban turning away from the company that paid him the belenazos what paquirrín destroying his mother on the friendly screen, but they are understood almost the same.

This Sunday, Alessandro Salem shoot your salemnazo from the newspaper of Haste. The executive appointed by Berlusconi has compensated this newspaper with an interview after the listed company leaked to the competition of the newspaper directed by Pepa Bueno the “dismissal” of Paul Vasily, the creation of the laundering ethical code, or the cancellation of the “reds and fags” magazine to replace it with another one presented by the author of phrases as ingenious as “A few hours before the electoral campaign, the Government discovers that there is a drought.”

Salem needs to swear in Sicilian that politics has nothing to do with the decisions being made by the Spanish chain of Il Cavaliere, the prime minister’s partner Giorgia Meloni.

He has to promise on his honor and conscience that he loves Save me, that “it is a very well done program” and above all that “it is not trash TV”, as the media to which the director of Communications that he appointed, from the CAM’s Media Department, had leaked the cancellation of the program, called it Isabel Diaz Ayuso. If there was anyone left to know who dictated that headline, just read the CEO saying how wonderful the program he has put on is, full page in The country, to reach the most accurate conclusion. Only Juan Carlos I Saying that the monarchy should be the Mecca of exemplarity seems less credible to us.

Oscar Cornejo, producer of the space that will be shot at sunset next Friday, June 23, counterattacks from The vanguard with an article where the telebasura. Much smarter in his column than Salem in his interview, the boss (along with Adrián Madrid) of The TV Factory enters the qualifier rag that her intimate enemy, Sandra Fernandez, sold to The world and maintains that the “telebasuristas” are like the flat earthers. Oscar Cornejo recovers the formal definition of the term to describe the characteristics of trash TV and denies that it exists but, making use of the freedom and tolerance that the brilliant producer preaches, we interpret that his message actually conveys that on television and in his own company almost everything is trash TV. Cornejo gives us this manual to recognize it:

“Manipulation of information, conversion of pain into a show, promotion of pseudoscience or deception to lure the audience” are the pillars of trash TV for the producer of programs like La Noria, Deluxe, Save Me or the 27 chapters of the docudrama by Rocío Carrasco, or those of Kiko Rivera calling his mother everything in Cantora, the poisoned inheritance.

Cornejo says that the Mass of La 2 is trash TV because in each installment they repeat “that a man died and was resurrected”, and that this “can be considered a manipulation of information”. And he adds that “turning water into wine is pseudoscience. And that promising eternal salvation is very powerful bait.” We must give credit to this provocative professional and great creator of headlines that he himself later denies.

Salem witches burn at the stake

“Hilamos fino, the Holy Mass broadcast on public television is trash TV. But evidently the Holy Mass is not trash TV. And it’s not because trash TV doesn’t exist,” he maintains, “just as witches don’t exist,” he concludes. But they do exist. At least those of Salem, who, no matter how good words he utters, burns these good sorcerers at the stake audiences that are La Fábrica de la Tele.”We do not seek to indoctrinate anyone,” says Cornejo, undoubtedly oblivious to the episode of polarization that the unique thought imposed in the discussions of the docuseries of Rociito. The producer whose flag is “tolerance” compares Salem’s decision to annihilate the universe Save me (and 60% of the billing of his production company) with the fact that the US Supreme Court has repealed the right to abortion or that the Polish government has promoted legal homophobia.

The grandiloquence of Oscar Cornejo is colossal, as we see, but the trick is that he talks about theoretical concepts, and he must have missed many of his programs. Cornejo exalts the memory of the glorious moments (there have been hundreds) provided by his Factory. But if we look at the dark parts and really watch the programs, we will find everything that Cornejo uses to define trash TV: manipulation, bait, lies, parallel realities, or madmen talking loudly on a set about the lurid details of the sex that a man was having. octogenarian like the Duchess of Alba when she married her third husband. We will rediscover that under the foam of the delicious moments of humor there was a lot of rhetorical violence, with Jorge Javier Vázquez calling the daughter of a bitch… to an interviewee, or sending others to hell, or collaborators looking for a father to Gonzalo Miro, to hundreds of victims whom they used not only to generate hearings, but to take revenge for phobias or disagreements in court, not to mention processes such as the Operation Deluxe, investigated by the courts.

However, Oscar Cornejo is right in his contention with Alessandro Salem, and it is that they are not the only ones who manipulate, nor the ones who use the pain of others to generate an audience. For this reason, the change promoted by the CEO of Mediaset sounds to us like laundering and posturing. But something will have to do the man.