Sabadell and Cartagena seal an insufficient draw

Sabadell Y Cartagena They are still determined to be in the relegation zone after drawing the direct duel in a match in which the Cartagena players failed to take advantage of the numerical superiority in the last half hour of the game after the expulsion of Jaime Sánchez.

The Sabadell continues with his incredible ‘X Files’ in the Nova Creu Alta. There are already nine draws in a row and this time the point achieved is only as a consolation to get the particular ‘goal-average’ against Murcia.

The Cartagena he leaves with the feeling of a lost opportunity to get out of relegation and leave a direct rival behind. They had more chances and dominance both in equality and numerical superiority but they ran into a great Mackay.

The first occasion was of the visitors in a header from Cristian Gómez that he took out of the squad, Mackay. The game turned upside down after a quarter of an hour. On a corner kick, the Cartagena through a header from Raúl Navas he scored. However, after three minutes of consultation with the VAR, Moreno Aragón annulled the goal for offside more than doubtful of Abujarnia.

From the possible 0-1 it went to 1-0 for Sabadell. One center measured from the side Pierre Cornud He finished it headlong into the net, Stoichkov. The Harlequin striker scored his ninth goal of the season thanks to the team's best assistant.

Own Stoichkov he scored a quarter of an hour later but the referee canceled the goal for lack of the Cadiz striker. With the 1-0 the rest was reached.

The beginning of the second part was exciting. In the 53rd minute, the veteran Ruben Castro with a splendid shot in the small area, he scored the 1-1 after Harlequin's passivity after a good Cartagena triangulation. Shortly before, striker Cristian Gómez was relieved due to injury.

The store Heber Pena he met the paradón of Marc Martínez in the second and last opportunity of the premises. This was followed by the expulsion by direct red of Jaime Sánchez when cutting a counterattack of De Blasis.

With half an hour to go, local coach Antonio Hidalgo moved the bench and rebuilt the defense. The local team folded their lines and left the ball to the rival.

Cartagena took a step forward but were unable to achieve victory despite the chances of Carrasquilla Y De Blasis. And it is that ahead was Ian Mackay. In the extension, Sabadell finished with nine after the injury of Pierre Cornud.

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Sabadell: Mackay; Óscar Rubio, Jaime, Juan Ibiza; Heber Pena, Undabarrena, Boniquet (Adri Cuevas, min.69)

, Pierre; Stoichkov (Josu, min.75), Juan Hernández (Grego Sierra, min.60), Edgar (Víctor, min.60)

Cartagena: Marc Martínez; Antoñito (Azeez, min.84), Carlos David, Raúl Navas, Fornies; De Blasis, Jurado (Delmás, min.84), Abujarnia (Carrasquilla, min.74), Cayarga (Nacho Gil, min.74), Rubén Castro, Cristian Gómez (Elady, min.54)

Referee: Moreno Aragón (Madrid Committee). Yellow card to local Stoichkov (min.41) and visitor Carlos David (min.41), Antoñito (min.71) and Carrasquilla (min.85). He expelled the local Jaime with a direct red (min.59)

Goals: 1-0, min.21: Stoichkov: 1-1, min.54: Rubén Castro

Incidents: Match of the 34th day of Laliga Smartbank played in the Nova Creu Alta. No audience