Ryanair trolls Mourinho

The signing of José Mourinho as Roma's new coach has garnered multiple comments around the world. Mourinho, fired a few days ago from Tottenham, already has a team again from next season. The reactions have not been long in coming and the airline Ryanair did not want to be left behind. Ryanair has used its social networks to send a message about the news of the afternoon in football Europe. A tweet that has not gone unnoticed by anyone.

A message with a certain sarcasm that sounds like maximum trolling to Mourinho. José will be happy to know that we currently fly from London to Rome from just £ 14.99. “ The airline took advantage of the Roma announcement to send a reminder about its itinerary London-Rome. So far everything normal, but the airline did not stay there and has gone to more. Since Ryanair ended the message on Twitter with a final taunt of the era towards Mourinho's few successes at Tottenham: Due to his lack of trophies at Spurs, we hope a tote bag will suffice for this trip.“.