Runaway Boyfriend Marketing: Juan Ortega fills the squares after leaving his girlfriend at the altar

The interview of journalist Carlos Herrera in La Cope to Juan Ortega It still does not really clarify the reasons why the bullfighter stood up his girlfriend, the doctor. Carmen Otte, the same morning of the wedding. Informalia has been made aware of some details of the loud breakup that reveal the contradictions of the best-known “runaway boyfriend” in Spain and that reinforce the idea that all this scandal boosts the fame and cachet of the right-hander, who will fill the places despite not exactly being a top star in the rankings.

Juan Ortega called Curro Romero the day before their wedding to congratulate him on his birthday and said goodbye to the teacher with “see you at the wedding tomorrow.” That is to say, Juan Ortega, the day before accusing the church, still believed that he was going to marry his girlfriend, even though he maintained before Carlos Herrera that his affair was not an outburst.

Last Sunday the 21st, Juan Ortega himself, Curro Romero, Carmen Tello and some friends had lunch in Guillena, a town near Seville, where there are many bullfighting fans and where many matadors often eat in some of their restaurants. . Near this town, Manuel Díaz, El Cordobés and the footballer Sergio Ramos, currently a player for Sevilla FC, have their farms.

Nobody recognized Juan Ortega: that is, the boyfriend on the run is not a well-known face. His fame had until now been limited to the world of bullfighting, only in very professional circles, his face being difficult for ordinary people to identify. We have been able to know that at that meal they talked above all about bulls, about training, about returning to the bullrings. Ortega on February 3 in the Plaza de La Luz, in the Mexican town of León de los Aldama. And that the issue of the No Wedding was discussed above, with Ortega settling the matter like this: “There is no need to give it any more thought, there is nothing to talk about.” However, days later, in his statements to Carlos Herrera, the bullfighter said that he had had serious doubts about his marriage for a long time, although Carmen was a “Ten Woman”, for whom he felt a lot of respect and affection, and that his decision to break “it hadn't been an outburst.”

Something that clashes with the information we receive that, one day before the wedding, the birthday of Curro Romero, whom Ortega admires so much and from whom he received a signed cape as a wedding gift, Juan Ortega congratulated the veteran Pharaoh of Camas and told him verbatim: “See you at church tomorrow,” which shows that 24 hours before saying yes to his fiancée, he had the firm intention of marrying her. In any case, in his statements to La Cope he did not talk about the true reasons for his doubts nor did he mention the exact reason that led him to cause so much pain and humiliation to a woman he loves so much: suspending the ceremony an hour before the ceremony. fixed time. However, The scandal will completely fill the Plaza de Valdemorillo on February 11, date on which Juan Ortega returns to the ring in Spain. And there is no doubt that his price and his fame have multiplied with the controversial breakup.

With Carlos Herrera, the right-hander was full of praise for his ex. “We had a very good relationship, we had a series of doubts that I was not able to resolve. I accept it and ask for forgiveness,” he insisted, also talking about his in-laws, to whom he dedicated words of affection. Ortega notified his ex-fiancée that the interview was going to take place. The bullfighter wanted Carmen Otte to be aware of his intention to talk about his private life.

“I understand the damage you can cause. The pain, I would have made the decision a few hours earlier and it would have been the same,” he explained. “It's still a breakup between two people who love each other.” Even so, he acknowledges being the only one responsible for this whole matter. “I took it knowing the consequences it had.”

The bullfighter also revealed what his current relationship with his ex-fiancee was like. Despite the circumstances, he assures her that she is good. “Contrary to what people can imagine, the truth is that we continue to have a lot of love and respect for each other and we both have a lot of peace. In the end it has been something for which we have fought a lot.”

According to El Español, the cardiologist did not listen to her ex-fiancé's interview live, as she was busy with her work at the hospital. Knowing in advance that Ortega was in the radio space, she also refrained from answering phone calls. “She has not given her opinion on the subject,” say sources consulted by the aforementioned newspaper, despite the fact that dozens of headlines have reached her. However, her ex-fiancé's words of affection and respect will not make her watch the interview or react publicly on the subject.