Rufete charges against the VAR decision

Rufete, head of the Espanyol Sports Area, has been dissatisfied this Tuesday with the performance of the VAR in the rigorous expulsion of Bernardo in the Getafe party.

“We we will always understand human error. What is clear is that it is not a violent action, but fortuitous and that it is seen that way. I believe that today we have the tool to give a little pause in some actions and be able to review them. I think it is very important that all levels see the effort we are making to be here and that now we all play a lot, “he explained.

In line he considers that “now we all should be able to compete in the same way and in the same conditions. AND the VAR I think is the tool that has to help the referee make these things happen. I reiterate that We understand that human error can exist but we have the VAR so that doubtful or very doubtful actions can be fixed and we can say today that playing with eleven, we would have had more options to win ”