Rudolph is going through “tunnel vision” as Pickett gets ready for assisting him.

Mike Tomlin put Rudolph in charge of the Steelers’ last game of the regular season, which is this Saturday that 4:30 p.m. within Baltimore.

Since Rudolph had been in charge of the attack for two weeks, this is like the right choice. While Rudolph has been in charge, the Steelers have put up 34 or 30 points in each game.

This defense needs to keep up their good work if they want to have a chance at making it to the playoffs.

But Rudolph has “tunnel vision” about what he plans to do to be best prepared for Saturday.

He is excited concerning the chance which arose up given Kenny the troops of Pickett ankle ligament surgery or injury almost a month ago.

Rudolph said, “I’m so excited as this means an amazing opportunity to play a game,” after practice on Tuesday on the East Side.

“We have a lot of games to prepare to, so let’s just try to have a good day today getting ready as well as a good week practicing.”

Our only power is to choose how to do and whether to win or lose. That’s the only thing we can think about. The rest of those chips will fall where ever they may.

Some say that Pickett wouldn’t back out of Rudolph’s deal in Seattle the weekend before, which is how Tomlin went with Rudolph rather than Pickett.

Picture strongly rejected that story before practice on the Tuesday or said he would back up Rudolph against the Ravens upon Saturday.

Pickett said that some stories were about him rather than his play and were meant to hurt his character as well as who his is as a person.

He told the press this on Tuesday before being asked any questions. “There was no talk about me being a backup quarterback this week.”

If I felt adequate to play and if my teachers and doctors thought I looked good enough to play, I would.

I failed to spend time getting dressed to the game in case they assumed I wasn’t, but I did. I don’t know who wrote that or from whom it came from.

People, like you guys, will put up crazy things to try to get their point across, help others, or move up in their work. It hurts me to see it not any proof or reason.

DK reported both days at DK Pitt Sports that Pickett never said he didn’t want to play. He wasn’t sent to Seattle because he had been authorized to play tardy in the week and last week the team didn’t have enough time to train.

After putting on a great show toward the Bengals the night prior Christmas Eve, Rudolph did it again in a big way in Seattle upon New Year’s Eve.

Rudolph said that he isn’t pleased by how well the Steelers have done since he became head coach once Mitch Trubisky along with Kenny Pickett became hurt.

Soon after, he lead the Steelers with wins over Cincinnati and Seattle. They had a 9-7 record going onto the last game.

He stated, “We’re used to each week being consequently important.” We are, of course, aware of this one.

Also, it was last week. That week before. We’re refusing to stress ourselves out or made the event feel bigger than it is. We all think we need to move quickly.

The Steelers will probably make the postseason provided they beat Baltimore upon Saturday as well as either Jacksonville as well as Buffalo loses to Tennessee upon the following day or night.

Through two games, Rudolph has completed 35 of 51 passes, which is 68.6%. He has thrown for 564 yards, scored a touchdown, and not picked off any passes.

His rating is 118.42. He’s been fired just once, but that was after a game against the Bengals and Seahawks.

Pickett hurt his hip on December 3, so Tuesday was his first proper workout since then. The official depth chart for the team came out on Tuesday and put Pickett as the quarterback in the starting lineup.

Rudolph was marked as the backup quarterback, or Mitch Trubisky was marked as the third-choice quarterback.