Rubi's 7 lives

“The coach's situation? Come on week to week and after Real Madrid we will revaluate it, “he said three days ago Alexis Trujillo, coordinator of the technical secretariat of Betis. The words confirm that the post of Rubi is back in the air after having harvested one victory in the last ten league games and also fall in the Cup eliminated by Lightning, in sixteenths. 14th in the table, with the descent closer (although still far, to eight points) than the goal of going to Europe, the Catalan coach plays it against what is now the worst possible rival of the championship, The Real Madrid leader.

Accustomed already. · What if I feel my position threatened? That question this year is very common and now unfortunately because we are not where we should be. But it does not worry me, I work for Be close to victory. Then whether we win or not depends on other things. ” Rubi did not speak from the topic but from the experience. This year, at Betis, he was already saved from the impeachment twice as if it were a James Bond movie. Did Fekir before the Celtic, at the end of October, with a bit on the same horn. And the same would happen with Channels before Valencia, also in Villamarín a few weeks later, the November 23. The epic smiled again at the Catalan coach, who in recent seasons has become accustomed to saving borderline situations.

The Alcoraz Betis has done nothing but confirm the rRubi's esilience, who was already able to turn two dismissal threats with Espanyol and Huesca in his two previous adventures. Y end both with a resounding success in addition. In Alcoraz he reached the first place in the Second table on 17-18 on day 14 and kept it until 30, already immersed in a streak of eight games without winning (four draws and four losses) that almost leads him. He left the direct promotion posts but the recovered right after, with five victories in the following six matches that certified the first ascent of the Aragonese club to the highest category.

Shield / Flag Betis

And Cornellà. That was worth it for get to Espanyol, where he lived in the 18-19 a brilliant start until reaching the second position on day 11 with a victory against Athletic. But then there was another crash. Ten defeats and one draw in the next 12 games, only relieved by a win against Leganés, they put him on the verge of dismissal with Chen Yasheng, who decided to keep him and he took the cat to the water. From day 22 to 38, Espanyol only lost twice to complete a final straight with five wins and three draws that left him, on the last day, in Europa League positions after 13 years.