Rubiales, to Luis Enrique: “You will be here until you want to”

Luis Rubiales, re-elected this Monday president of the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) for the 2020-2024 cycle, praised during the Assembly the figure of the national coach, Luis Enrique Martinez, to whom he assured that as long as he continues in the presidency he will continue “until he wants.”

“We have made difficult decisions but with values, I am happy that you are with us and you will be here until you want, at least while I am,” he said in his speech after the voting, in which Luis Enrique participated as representative of the class of coaches.

Rubiales He highlighted the professionalism of the Asturian coach, who in 2019 remained out of office for months due to the illness and death of his daughter, and what he has done for the Federation.

“What a pity that you forbade me in that call to say with what generosity you have treated us. I am very grateful to you, you are the best inside, but the difficult thing is to be the best outside and you are,” he said after inviting the players to keep the quality of Spanish football.

To the footballers, Rubiales He guaranteed that he will fight for the concept of the football pyramid and defend the quarries. “Everyone knows that a strong elite needs a strong base. Foreigners are justified and everyone is welcome, but we have to bet on the quarry, it is the moment of the quarry, not only at the national team level, but also modifying the base” he added.