Rubiales, overreacted: “Apologies to the Queen, the Infanta and the Royal House”, for his obscene gesture from the box

“I have to apologize to Her Majesty the Queen, to the Infanta and the Royal House and to anyone who felt offended.” They have been her concise words to explain the obscene gesture that she went around the world and that took place together with Doña Letizia at the moment in which she celebrated the World Cup victory by waving one hand and taking the other to her crotch.

Intense, overacted and nervous. Luis Rubiales has managed his timing and has launched a “I will not resign” at the headquarters of the Royal Spanish Football Federation, in Las Rozas. He has ripped off his intervention with a pardon to the Royal House. Rubiales was referring to the vulgar gesture of putting a hand to his genitals while celebrating the victory of the Spanish National Team in Sydney. The detail took place in the box, together with Letizia and her daughter Sofía.

“I have been many times in a box…”, explained the president of the federation, while trying to justify his ordinary gesture. “In a moment of euphoria I grabbed that part of my body”, and he has questioned Jorge Vilda, coach and selector of the women’s team. “I got very excited to the point of losing control and taking my hands there… At the moment, as soon as I won the World Cup, your first reaction was to turn to the box and dedicate it to me. I told you ‘no, no, you. And At that moment I made that sign, I smelled your eggs (with forgiveness)”. Very unconvincing to minimize the episode and involve Vilda in that embarrassing reaction.