Rubiales’ mother is already lazy on her second day of strike: “I can’t be alone because I can get dizzy”

Several WhatsApp audios of a conversation between the mother of Luis Rubiales and a friend, during the first hours of her hunger strike inside the Divina Pastora de Motril church over the controversy over her son’s kiss to Jenni Hermoso, have been published this Tuesday by The Cup. Angeles Bejar He tells his interlocutor that the doctor who attends her has forbidden her to see anyonebecause her sister-in-law is also taking care of her at all times: “She came in with me and I can’t be alone because I can get dizzy…”

In addition, the mother of the President of the Royal Spanish Football Federation, currently suspended from office due to the controversy generated, has made reference to the mass that will be celebrated this Tuesday afternoonwhich reinforces the indication of the doctor who assists her not to surround herself with many people: “The doctor has told me that they are going to separate me now. When they say the mass, they are going to remove me from here, so that nobody knows where I am…”

In addition, the radio station has also had the testimony of a friend who has transferred the general sentiment of Luis’s closest circle. This has ruled that “any mother for a child will do anything” and the main opinion of Rubiales’ family and friends is that it has not been “a sexual assault.”

for the second night

In a few hours, Béjar faces the second night of confinement and hunger strike inside the Motril church, which he will face with the memory of the support and warmth received this Tuesday by a group of people in favor of Rubiales with posters who asked to stop the media manhunt to the canary and demanding Jenni Hermoso “to tell the truth”.