Rubiales denies that he recorded conversations with members of the Government of Pedro Sánchez

The new information from Super Cup Filesrevealed by The confidential, They assure that Luis Rubiales, president of the Spanish Football Federation, would have made clandestine recordings of members of the Government of Pedro Sánchez. From the RFEF categorically denies said information and they denounce “the objective of falsely attributing certain behaviors to the president and building a campaign of harassment and discredit against Luis Rubiales.”

The Federation has once again denied the new information about the Super Cup Files: “The RFEF wants to make it clear that the president has never made recordings of the Prime Minister, any Minister or any member of United We Can“In the information he refers to, it is pointed out that he would have used different tools to clandestinely record several conversations with members of the Government, such as Irene Lozano, formerly president of the Higher Sports Council.

According to El Confidencial, the president of the RFEF hides recordings of private conversations with members related to the Executive. As they explain, the method used in face-to-face meetings would be a pen with a built-in recording system. Another of the recording modes would be the use of the camera of a second mobile to capture the conversations. Among the conversations filtered by Super Cup Files there would be one with Irene Lozano, on the operation of the TAD. “I think they are all really sold. This is my opinion. For me there is no other explanation. And that in this country it is a fucking disaster is the second explanation. But unfortunately there are going to be consequences… that’s it. The good deeds are over,” said Rubiales.

The Federation, in addition to denying said information, also discredits it: “They have offered a news policy based on ambiguity, misrepresentation and decontextualization to generate a false story. The aforementioned medium has mainly used private audios knowing that they were illegally stolen and that it has not been able to prove any of its multiple accusations.