Rubén Baraja: “The most important thing is that we know the reality we have”


The coach of Valencia, Rubén Baraja, reviewed this Friday the complicated “reality” that his team is experiencing due to the “economic difficulties”, which force them to set “reasonable” objectives, before the match that will face Atlético de Madrid in matchday 5 of LaLiga EA Sports.

“The most important thing is that we know the reality that we have, the historical moment in which we are and we have to accept this. We are in a moment in which right now, due to the different economic difficulties, due to the situation or the limitations that we have, “We have to set real and reasonable objectives,” declared the coach in the press conference prior to the match against the rojiblancos.

Looking ahead to the duel against Atlético, a team that is “very complete in every sense” both “with and without the ball,” Baraja sees it necessary to play a “very physical” game and do “things well.” “We are going to try to approach the game well from the point of view in which if we play a complete game without errors, we can have our options,” he noted.

The coach repeated the importance of being “realistic” with the fans and telling them what “the situation” is and the team’s objective: “to save the category, being a very young squad.” “We need to have sporting stability, to be able to work well, with calm and confidence in the squad, and try to fight every game,” he commented.

Baraja is “very happy” with the attitude and desire that his players have, and he will try to “empower them” and give them the opportunity to “grow and improve.” “There are several players who are already ready to leave and even though they are very young, they should try to take advantage of their opportunity,” he explained.

The coach wanted to “settle” the controversy that surrounds the club and its management from the offices and focus from now on “on football”, and on training and “trying to improve the group.” “My goal is to get the most out of the squad and do the best possible on the field,” he confessed.

Regarding the latest signing, the Ukrainian Roman Yaremchuk, he said that he had trained “well”, but he has had “little time” to adapt, so he needs more time. “He needs to work much more with the group, understand the mechanisms, the movements, how the team plays and he has to understand a lot of things before he can enter,” he analyzed.

This Saturday the entertainment stands will return to Mestalla, which has been closed in the first games due to the sanction after the racist shouts against Vinícius Júnior. “It has been a great handicap. They are the heart of Mestalla and we want to listen to them again and for them to make a lot of noise, give a lot of encouragement and a lot of support to the team, because we are going to need it,” he concluded.