Rousaud confirmed that the contract was fragmented

Emili Rousaud, former vice-president of Barcelona who presented his resignation due to the case of Social Networks known as Barçagate, He confirmed on Monday with the publication of the conclusions of the audit commissioned by the club his theory that Barcelona cut the contract with I3 Ventures to avoid the club's supervisory bodies. He, As Chairman of the Awards Committee, he resigned from his post as Vice Chairman for this reason.

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The former vice president released a four-point statement once the club presented the conclusions of the audit at a press conference.

Rousaud considers that “The evasion of the club's internal contracting mechanisms and procedures is a fact that is evident in the PWC report. Specifically, that the contract was broken into amounts of less than 200,000 euros, a fact that prevented the club's internal controls ”.

He adds that this was the reason why he and other members of the compliance, economic and transparency area submitted their resignation. and asks that responsibilities be cleared and the possible economic damage that may have been caused to the club restored.

Finally, regarding the legal actions that Barça has taken against him, he is confident and leaves it in the hands of the courts and he is sure that everything will become clear.