Ronaldo, Florentino's right eye, pronounces himself as president on the Superliga

Since last night the bomb of the creation of the Super League made up of 15 of the richest clubs in Europe exploded, reactions have not stopped appearing, the majority against, of this semi-closed league. David Espinar, spokesman for Real Valladolid and director of the club's presidential cabinet, wanted to be forceful in AS when showing the club's position: “We defend the right of any club to try to improve its position and propose good things that can benefit the majority, but in this case we are talking about a very select minority and I can't help but consider that this position is a bit egocentric“and continues:” However, what hurts me the most is that fans have not been considered at any timeOnly a commercial and financial operation has been handled, and the opinion of the fans, which is the true value of this sport, is being neglected. “

Not only that, Espinar stated that “Ronaldo is very clear that he is the president of Real Valladolid in any other situation “ and, therefore, will defend the interests of the club, when questioned as to whether the Brazilian would have a conflict of interest due to be a personal friend of Florentino Pérez, president of Real Madrid and the SuperLiga, and ambassador of Banco Santander, sponsor of the current Champions League.

Real Valladolid Shield / Flag

On the future of continental football and the solution to this ordeal of the SuperLiga, Espinar explained that “I don't know if UEFA is going to be as radical in its actions as in its statements. I think, also for the sake of football, that the parties are going to reach an agreement, a routine of negotiations and this situation will be redirected. It is very strange for me to imagine national championships without teams from this entity, world championships without extraordinary footballers. It is very difficult for me to imagine football self-destructing “and he insisted on something that he has already stated on other occasions:”Soccer has not set any example during this pandemic, it has been very selfish, we have not been an example that could be expected of a guild as influential and important as football, but it does not occur to me that football is capable of self-destruction and this is a step forward in this regard. “

It is evident that in the world of football, who more and who less was clear that this creation of the Super League was in the making and there have been attempts to pacify the matter, but “they have not been fruitful. The association of European clubs, the association of leagues , UEFA, the national associations have tried to negotiate or try to redirect this situation and it has not been possible “says Espinar, who is harsh in stating that”very important clubs such as Real Valladolid, or the rest of the teams in the League, which do not have the record of these clubs, but do compete with them, have been completely ignored“and declared that” here we see the behavior of certain clubs in the assemblies of the League, of the federation, with the proposals that are carried out and it is not surprising that these three clubs have embarked on this adventure. They are free to do so, but they leave out 99% of European football. “

Finally, Espinar criticizes the attack that this creation of the SuperLiga supposes against the values ​​of sport, winning things on the pitch: “It is one of the main values ​​of football seen from the point of view of FIFA: open competition, a competition in which the best win economic and sporting prizes and the worst have some sporting degradation that obviously has an economic influence. I think to contravene this principle is to lay very dangerous foundations for sport and I insist on limiting the opinion of football fans and sports in general “.