Roger the most effective

Roger Martí is synonymous with a goal in Levante. El Pistolero, the team's top scorer, he adds eight goals in ten shots between the three suits. The most effective in LaLiga facing the rival goal. The Valencian Punta, 30 years old, he is the second highest scorer in the club's history in the First Division (36 goals), only surpassed by José Luis Morales (43). A guarantee.

There is no other striker in the competition who comes close to his effectiveness. What's more, Morales' seven goals in eleven shots make him the most solid alternative. Paco López smiles. They are the only pair of attackers to establish themselves in the Top-10 of LaLiga. In fact, they add 17 of the 27 goals of the team, over 50%. Big words.

Levante Shield / Flag

Roger projects the best numbers of his career in the highest national competition, with a trend that could exceed 13 and 11 goals in the last two seasons. His star records so far. He has put between eyebrows and eyebrows to pass the ten goals again and is close to achieving it near the end of the first section of the course. But the great growth of Torrent goes through everything he contributes to the team, being the first in the pressure and a fundamental asset to make the team work from its '9' condition. Every year it is more complete.

Roger, with a contract in force until 2024 and recently renewed, has opted to continue forging its history as granota. When everything passes, he and Morales will be legends of Levantinism.