Roger Martí complains: “The goal has been taken from us by the referee”

Roger Martí, Levante captain, spoke clearly on GolTV of the goal annulled to Levante by the referee Melero López on the verge of completion.

Levante Shield / Flag

Controversial move: “The truth is that as a direct protagonist, I separate myself and do not interfere in the play. It is seen that I am not in the path and that it happens under the legs. Referee's decision, a bitch because they were three important points.”

Celtic goalkeeper reaction: “Iván (Villar) recognizes that there are people in front, including his team, but it is the referee's decision and nothing can be done.”

Contested tie: “Great game and a lot of intensity, we haven't thrown in the towel. That goal was taken from us by the referee.”

Iturralde's valuation

Iturralde González, AS and 'Carrusel Deportivo' analyst, referee Melero López made a mistake in the action: “100% legal goal of Levante. Well the VAR referee advising Melero to go see him, because for him it is a legal goal. And Melero INCOMPRENSIBLY cancels it. At no time does the player in an offside position interfere or attempt to contest or hinder the goalkeeper due to his proximity. “