Rodolfo Sancho’s unexpected change of plans: he visits his mother in Madrid and returns to Fuerteventura

The protagonist of plastic sea He traveled to the capital this Wednesday. She was expected to take a plane to Thailand, where his son Daniel went to prison on August 7 after confessing to the crime of Colombian surgeon Edwin Arrieta. However, the plans Rodolfo Sancho were others: after visiting his mother, noelaand make some arrangements at the consulate, the actor has returned to Fuerteventura this Thursday.

An unexpected script twist, since his spokesman had been anticipating for days that Rodolfo Sancho would travel to Thailand shortly. “It’s not that he doesn’t want to go, it’s that he can’t. He is solving important bureaucratic procedures in Spain and he wants to leave everything solved before traveling,” Carmen Balfagón revealed. In fact, this same Thursday we learned that the actor, who had already hired the law firm Balfagón-Chippirrás to support the Thai defense of his son, will also have the services of expert lawyer Marcos García-Montes.

Rodolfo’s trip to Madrid has been express, just 24 hours in which He has made arrangements at the consulate and has visited his mother, Noela. Sancho Gracia’s widow was very close to Daniel (they lived together for seasons) and was the last to find out what had happened at Rodolfo’s express wish. “We have already told him, yes. He wears it regularly. There it is,” said Rodrigo, another of his children, days after the news broke in the media. Rodolfo wanted to hug his mother in these delicate moments and give her strength to face the complicated stage that lies ahead.

As we already published, Noela is one of the people that Daniel Sancho included in the list of authorized visitors in prison. She is also her uncle Rodrigo and her parents, of course. For this reason, the family has decided to rent a house near the Koh Samui prison. For the moment, the only one to move and accompany Daniel has been his mother, Silvia Bronchalo, who is staying at a hotel in the area. She is besieged by the foreign media, she does not leave her room, not even if she wants to eat, an untenable situation if they want to be close to Daniel, at least until the trial is held, at the end of the year.