Rodolfo Sancho travels to Thailand with his team of lawyers and a huge suitcase: ready to see his son

Few hours remain for the reunion of Rodolfo Sancho con daniel sancho in Koh Samui jail. Early this Saturday morning, the actor headed to Thailand to meet his son, who has been in provisional prison since August 7 accused of murdering Edwin Arrieta.

The protagonist of series like The Ministry of Time o Isabel has reappeared at the Madrid-Barajas Airport. This is his first public appearance after the arrest and imprisonment of his eldest son.

Visibly calm, although short on words, he has confessed before the cameras of Europa Press that “he cannot speak”, but that as soon as he can, “he will do it” and explain how he is carrying out this whole process.

Rodolfo has traveled with two people from his team of lawyers, led by the lawyer Marcos Garcia Montesknown as ‘the famous lawyer’ for occasionally representing personalities such as Ana Obregón, Carmen Sevilla or Bertín Osborne.

Sancho had a large suitcase with him, so his stay in the Asian country could last several days. During these weeks, he has been his ex, Silvia Bronchalo, the person who has been going to visit the young man in Koh Samui prison. Everything seems to indicate that the actor will take over from him and now he will be the one who goes to jail day after day to see his son.