Rodolfo Sancho takes a bank loan to face the expensive expenses of his son’s case: “I had no money”

Economic difficulties would be the real reason why Rodolfo Sancho It has taken her more than a month to travel to Thailand to visit her son in prison. A legal process is expensive and in this particular case it is added that it is not in Spain.

As they assure in Summer partythe actor has had to reach an agreement with a bank to be able to face all the expenses that lie ahead while daniel sancho remains in provisional prison after confessing to the murder of Edwin Arrieta.

“I did not have enough money, they explain from the Telecinco program, which has made a report with everything that the protagonist of series such as The Ministry of Time o Isabel. “At the moment, more than 20,000 euros would have been spent,” they say.

The expenses of visiting Daniel Sancho in Thailand, according to ‘Fiesta’

Peculio (contribution for life in prison): 400 euros per month

Hotel or bungalow: 2,000 euros per month

Plane ticket: 1,500 euros per trip

Lawyers from Thailand: I could charge around 100,000 euros for the entire process

Balfagón and García Montes team in Spain: about 10,000 euros

The amount that Edwin Arrieta’s family could request as compensation

To all this money would be added the amount that Edwin Arrieta’s family would request as compensation in the event that Daniel is convicted. According to On everyone’s lipsthe amount could rise to half a million euros.

“The lawyer could or would have planned to request a minimum of 500,000 euros. Other types of financial compensation can be requested and the lawyer wants the highest possible,” they explained in Cuatro.

The economy of Rodolfo Sancho

The son of Sancho Gracia has only one property in his name, the family home in Fuerteventura, whose ownership is shared 50% with his wife, also an actress Toasted Xenia. The mortgage is 100,000 euros.

In addition, he is a partner of a production company, Intrepidus Entertainment SL, also 50% owned. For his latest movie, silver dolphinsSancho could have received “between 30,000 and 50,000 euros.”