Rodolfo Sancho strengthens his son’s defense with Marcos García Montes, the celebrity lawyer: the details

News in the case daniel sancho. his father, Rodolfo Sanchohas hired the lawyer Marcos Garcia Montes to join the legal defense of the young man. In this way, the lawyer will work hand in hand with the legal-criminological office of Carmen Balfagon and with the Thai law firm.

“After multiple contacts in recent weeks and advice from Rodolfo Sancho on behalf of his son Daniel Sancho Bronchalo with the lawyer Marcos García Montes, they have decided by mutual agreement to create a national and international legal team -both in Spain and in Thailand – to handle the case,” the firm explained in a statement.

“At the procedural moment in which the legal team receives the documentation either electronically, or photocopies of the procedure by referral of the Court or the Prosecutor’s Office, the joint study and proposal of investigative proceedings will be carried out ad exemplum: testimonials, expert opinions and against expert reports, documentaries, International Letters of Request and International Commissions of Investigation in Order to International Criminal Cooperation/Aid and the Hague Convention for obtaining evidence abroad, as well as the 1998 Kingdom of Thailand agreement,” they add.

Finally, they announce that “once the documentation of the criminal procedure has been studied and the defense strategy has been proposed, a press conference will be convened to establish the validity/lawfulness of a procedural, legal, constitutional or human rights order that could constitute evidence illegal activity, as well as the investigative procedures that must be carried out to clarify the facts with absolute objectivity and impartiality”.

Who is Marcos Garcia Montes?

Marcos García Montes, also known as the famous lawyer, has a law degree from the Complutense University of Madrid, a doctor in criminology, legal practice and constitutional and matrimonial law. He has portrayed numerous faces known as Bertin Osborne, Ana Obregon, Rocio Jurado, carmen sevillaamong others.

He has also been in trials as mediatic as the Rumasa case of the Ruiz-Mateos family, the Juan Guerra case, the Jeremy Vargas case, the Filesa case, the Urquijo case or the Wanninkhof case.

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