The actor Rodolfo Sancho He responded this Sunday through a statement to the complaint filed by his ex Silvia Bronchalo last Friday for “insults and humiliation.” In the letter, which has been issued by the Balfagón Chippirrás Office as spokespersons and legal representatives of Rodolfo Sancho, they deny Silvia Bronchalo's accusations.

The statement states that the accusations that the actor has received in recent days directly affect his honor and image. Therefore, they request “irrefutable evidence.” Along the same lines, they have denied that phrases such as “crazy, you don't know anything”, “you are incapable, our son has traumas because of you, you are from the common people”, were written by Rodolfo Sancho.

The legal representatives of Daniel Sancho's father have emphasized that Rodolfo would not at any time use the adjective “you are from the common people” because it goes against his values ​​and origins.

“This legal representation will exercise all legal actions in defense of the rights of our client, as well as file the appropriate complaint with the Illustrious Bar Association of Madrid regarding the “prejudicial” accusations made by the lawyer Ms. Carolina Castro Pérez. “, they have stated from the aforementioned statement.

What no one expected is that the tables would turn and that they would take advantage of the writing to point out that Silvia Bronchalo allegedly threatened and insulted Rodolfo Sancho. “There is evidence, in the possession of our client Mr. Rodolfo Sancho Aguirre, that does reliably demonstrate serious threats and insults by Mrs. Silvia Bronchalo Santos, which are not only limited to her person, but are also extended to her lawyers and where An express threat is made towards his partner, his daughter, a minor, and the professional career of our client.“. Likewise, they wanted to clarify that no measures have been taken because it was the actor himself who wanted to prevent all this from affecting the criminal procedure that continues in Thailand against his son Daniel.

To finish, they again gave a message to Silvia Bornchalo's representative, who seems not to know that Rodolfo and Silvia were never married, ending the statement with the following clarification: “They had an emotional relationship, which produced their son, Daniel Sancho Bronchalo. We do not understand how this point is not known by said lawyer when she is the representative of Ms. Bronchalo.“.