Rodolfo Sancho participated in his son’s documentary for money: “Thailand is a bottomless pit”

The participation of Rodolfo Sancho in the documentary The Sancho Case, broadcast this Tuesday on HBO, has been quite a surprise. The actor, very reluctant to address the press, has spent months in silence and breaking it on a private platform has been widely criticized in recent hours. However, the protagonist of Plastic Sea He had a good reason for doing it: “He did it for money. Rodolfo’s objective was to cover the financial need that a father has to try to save his son’s life.”

This has been stated by Carmen Balfagón, one of Daniel Sancho’s lawyers hired by Rodolfo. The lawyer has revealed in And now Sonsoles that the cost of keeping the Spaniard in good conditions inside the Thai prison for eight months now, added to the cost of lawyers, travel or accommodation, among other things, has meant a significant decrease in the actor’s finances: “Thailand is a bottomless pit. It is an expensive country and you have to pay, not only for Daniel Sancho’s food, but also for translators, legalizations, assistants, travel and many other expenses”.

Balfagón also affirms that in addition to these eight months of intense spending, Rodolfo has taken a work stoppage in order to be able to dedicate himself entirely to the defense of his son, which is why he has not received income in his accounts: “He has canceled a project that was going to start on May 1 because the trial will not be over yet and he wants to be present.”

The lawyer adds that Rodolfo had received several offers but finally chose the one from HBO because it was the one that offered him the money necessary to defend Daniel in Thailand: “You can’t imagine what it cost him”, has said. “It was not done in his house, because it is sacred to him, but it had to be done, because if there was no documentary, there was no money.”

The Sancho case: Episode zero

The documentary that covers the chilling case of Daniel Sancho was released this Tuesday with technical problems that have prevented it from being viewed for several hours. It is the first interview he has given Rodolfo Sancho: “I have never sold my life, but I understand that there has been more fuss than it should have because it is about my son. In any case, the problem was so big that it took a backseat,” confesses the protagonist of The Ministry of Time.

Sancho Gracia’s son talks about the moment he found out what happened on August 2, 2023 and what it was like to tell his family and those first days when everyone was “in shock.”