Rodolfo Sancho lands in Thailand and announces that he is ready to speak: his next steps

Rodolfo Sancho It’s already in Thailand. 24 hours after reappearing at Madrid Barajas Airport Together with his team of lawyers, the actor landed this Sunday in Bangkok at 8:10 local time (GMT+7).

Upon arrival in the capital of the Southeast Asian country, the father of daniel sancho He has announced that he will “talk later” about the whole case. First, Rodolfo has a couple of important meetings scheduled.

This is a meeting with staff from the Spanish embassy and another with the Thai lawyer they have assigned to defend their son, Khun Anan. According to reports, for this reason he will stay in Bangkok until Tuesday.

It is expected that it will be Wednesday when Rodolfo goes for the first time to see his eldest son in the Koh Samui prison, where he has been in provisional prison since last August 7 after confessing to the murder and dismemberment of the Colombian doctor. Edwin Arrieta.

The son of Sancho Grace it has taken more than a month to travel to Thailand to be reunited with his son for economic reasons. The legal process is very expensive and from Telecinco they pointed out that it has had to reach an agreement with a bank to be able to meet all the expenses. It is estimated that you will need more than 130,000 euros to cover everything that is involved.

For his part, Silvia Bronchalo He will be in Koh Samui for a few more days and then he will return to Spain. Daniel Sancho’s mother has been on the Thai island since August 17 and she only missed a visit with her son one day. She did so to travel to Koh Panghan, the scene of Arrieta’s crime, and meet with the local police.