Rodolfo Sancho collapses in a conversation with Edwin Arrieta’s lawyers: “We gave him a hug”

Tension, nerves and a lot of sadness. The second day in the Koh Samui court for the trial against Daniel Sancho It has been a real emotional bomb for Rodolfo, his father, who draws strength from weakness to support his son in the most delicate and complicated moment of his life. The protagonist of plastic sea He had a clash with the press at the doors of the court but just a few minutes before, inside, he collapsed in a conversation with the Spanish lawyers of Edwin Arrieta: “We gave him a hug.”

This was revealed by Beatriz Uriarte, present at the trial representing the victim’s family. The lawyer has confessed that Rodolfo Sancho has approached them to talk during one of the breaks of the day, which has been extended for six hours. “I’ll keep the conversation to myself, because they are private things, but I will say that we gave him a hug and that I deeply regret how all this is affecting this father.”he said in TardeAR.

It was not the first interaction between the parties. Already on Tuesday, at the beginning of the trial, Rodolfo Sancho approached Uriarte and company: “He came to greet us and conveyed his regret for the victim and the entire situation. It was a very human detail that we appreciate”said the lawyer. And despite the serious and distant image that the actor shows with the press, Rodolfo’s own lawyer has pointed out: “He’s having the worst time of his life.”

This second day of the trial against Daniel Sancho for the murder and dismemberment of Edwin Arrieta has been extended by six hours. The accused has availed himself of his right to question witnesses, as permitted by Thai law, and has questioned all of them to the point that the judge had to call him out: “He asked you to just ask, to refrain from making value judgments,” they said. They affirm that the chef, who faces capital punishment, has prepared thoroughly for this process: “He knows every detail of the summary and Thai legislation by heart.”