Rodolfo Sancho asks the press to clear the gate of Koh Samui and promises to attend to the media when he is there

The presence of foreign media (and not only Spanish) at the gates of the Thai prison in which he is found daniel sancho It has become a problem for those in charge of the penitentiary center. So much so that this very Friday they have announced dissuasive measures: it is prohibited to take images of the interior without prior authorization. In addition, they have transferred this discomfort to the Sancho family and Rodolfo himself, through his spokesperson, has sent a message to the press: “Leave the prison gates. The image we are giving is not the most appropriate.”

It was the own Carmen Balfagon the one who requested to keep the media pressure high to guarantee the well-being of the Spanish chef in prison and a fair trial for him, but now he backs down. The lawyer assures that the Thai police are not willing to bear the pressure exerted by the media and pleads for a change: “We are going to create an incident where there was none and this is not going to benefit Daniel at all.”

He assures that Rodolfo Sancho understands and appreciates the interest of the press in his son’s case, which is why they are not going to hide the date on which he will go to Thailand to visit him: “We will say it when we know, we are not going to hide”. And he adds: “In fact, Rodolfo is willing to attend to the media in Thailand and to be photographed to avoid more expectations,” has said on Antena 3.

As we already published, the arrival of Rodolfo to Koh Samui will mean the return to Spain of Silvia Bronchalo, since only one family member is authorized to visit per day. The family has rented a house that they will make their refuge to enjoy more privacy and tranquility for the next few weeks. Currently, Daniel’s mother is staying at a hotel in the area and barely leaves her room: “She is afraid of meeting the press and that they will ask her questions and photos. She does not even go down to the dining room. The Spanish press is behaving very well and with great respect for their space, but not all displaced journalists are following that line,” they say.