Rodolfo Sancho announces legal measures against the magazines that published his photos after the arrest of his son

Magazines Lectures y Ten minutes They went out to the kiosks this Wednesday with the image of Rodolfo Sancho on their cover. since his son Daniel confessed to being the author of the murder and dismemberment of the surgeon Edwin Arrieta in Thailand, many media had tried to get a picture of the actor.

And they did. Reporters and paparazzi photographed him from his house in Fuerteventura, where he lives with his wife, also an actress Toasted Xeniaand the daughter of both, Jimenawho was born in 2015, sister on the paternal side of Daniel.

through the lawyer Ramón Chipirrásone of his legal representatives, the protagonist of The Ministry of Time e Isabel has announced that the relevant “legal consequences” will be taken against these publications.

“This image has been taken in a totally private place, where you can not go. Someone has sneaked in there and that will have legal consequences, for sure, for the person who has taken the photograph. We have been saying it for days: there is a girl under 8 years of age who has to be protected from everything that is happening,” he announced in Is summer the lawyer.

The son of Sancho GraceAs soon as he found out about the situation of his eldest son, he prepared his trip to Thailand but finally aborted his departure on the advice of the legal experts hired. Silvia Bronchalofor his part, yes, he has already visited Daniel in Koh Samui jailwhere he has been in provisional prison since last August 7.