In a week where the right to live a free sexuality is claimed, to Rocio Saiz they threaten to arrest her for doing topless at one of his concerts.

Any curious person knows that the singer is a strong LGTBI activist. She doesn’t hide it. The explicit name of Rocío in the space that she leads every week on Radio 3 “My pussy is in airplane mode” she predicts that she is a woman of arms to take.

For the woman from Madrid it could not be otherwise. For this reason, this Saturday when a local police officer from Murcia interrupted her performance because the singer had shown her breasts in the middle of the show, Rocío did not hesitate to denounce it. “They wouldn’t let me continue if I didn’t get dressed. Either I put on my shirt or I was handcuffed,” she lamented.

In Better late The artist claims that she has been doing the same for ten years while explaining the disagreement with the agent. “Until you talk to the inspector, you can’t continue,” she told him. Rocío, who did not want to be with the agent “in a closed space where there are no witnesses,” refused to have a conversation with the authority.

Meanwhile, the LGTBI flag served the singer as a shield to cover her body. It was a member of the organization who wrapped her in the range of colors of the movement that defends sexuality and life.

Likewise, the interpreter of let yourself go He has assured that the agents took his data. “I will take a complaint. In addition, the policeman told me: ‘This is what you have voted for’. And he is right, the problem is not him, it is what you have voted for,” Rocío Saiz said on the La Sexta program.

For their part, the public and the networks have shown their support for the artist. “The highly questionable regulations on public scandal can never operate an artistic show,” he claims Sergio Ramos Ruizformer councilor of the Murcia City Council, who also attended the concert.