Rocío Gálvez: “Winning a World Cup gives a lot of recognition and now women's football is valued a little more”


Defender Rocío Gálvez, world champion last summer with the Spanish team, does not forget that a success like this “gives you a lot of recognition” and has caused “a 'boom'” that makes “women's football is valued a little more “, while regarding his club, Real Madrid, he does not hide “the pressure” of carrying “that shield and taking it to the top.”

“Winning a World Championship gives you a lot of recognition. I think you go to a football field and they see you and you see that you are a reference for children and for adults as well. I think that in the past it was clearly not seen and we would not think that we would reach it.” at this point. The World Cup has given a plus, but it is also true that the people who came behind were fighting to achieve this and every year progress has been made little by little,” said Rocío Gálvez in statements to Europa Press.

The woman from Córdoba is clear that the title in Sydney has caused “a 'boom'” in women's football. “Going to a stadium and seeing t-shirts with the names of the soccer players was something that was not seen before and right now it is being seen a little more and women's soccer is being valued a little more,” she celebrated.

The central defender faces her third season at Real Madrid, a club in which “there is always demand and pressure every day.” “You are in a club that is the best in the world and in every minute and every day you have that pressure of having to carry the shield and take it to the top,” warned the Andalusian.

“At Real Madrid there is neither male nor female, we are all Real Madrid and I think that, in the end, it is important for everyone. The pressure is on both the men's and women's teams and like basketball,” Rocío added in this regard. Galvez.

The Madrid team went to the last break in a somewhat hesitant moment after clearly losing to FC Barcelona in League F and not getting off to a very good start in the Champions League, mainly due to the defeat in Sweden against Hacken. “Yes, sometimes it is good psychologically to stop because the body also sometimes needs calm,” he said.

“Sometimes we think that a break is not good because we want to continue playing the games, but, well, in the end I think we were coming from a somewhat complicated streak and this break is going to be very good for us,” admitted the world champion.

Regarding the objectives for this season, Gálvez does not hide that fundamentally it is to try to “improve on last year.” “We have to finish second in the league and even do a 'little' bit of damage to Barça. And in the Champions League everything is higher,” wished the Madrid defense.

Furthermore, at the national team level, he knows that it will be “very important” to be able to be in the Olympic Games. “We are very excited that we can go and achieve something, hopefully we can win those Olympic Games since we are in a very good moment in women's football here in Spain,” remarked the defender.

Rocío Gálvez made these statements after attending with her teammate Claudia Zornoza a campaign organized by 'Grefusa' to raise awareness against hatred and violence in different areas of society and aimed at young footballers from CD Nuevo Boadilla.

“I think that in the end it is very important to give visibility to the hate that exists on social networks because we are not aware of the hate that exists and I think it is very important that people can see how this type of networks works,” admitted Real's defense. Madrid.

It considers that this type of behavior is something “more visual on football fields” and that social networks allow “there to be a person whom you do not see and who criticizes you and who does not.” “I think in the end I think that does a lot more damage,” she added.

“These people are not aware of the damage they cause psychologically. For example, in a soccer match, you know who has played badly or not and I think it is very important to know that the damage they are causing is not good for children, nor for some adults, or for anyone,” stated Gálvez.

Finally, regarding his talk to the young players of CD Nuevo Boadilla, the Madrid defense stressed that “they have to be a little aware of everything behind them and they can see that everything is not so good and that there are bad things like the network guy.”