Rocío Carrasco stands up to the photographers and they get angry: “What bad manners and what a bad baba”

Wrapped in controversy, this has been the last appearance of the daughter of The greatest. The reason? Rocio Carrasco served as the godmother of ceremonies during a fashion show by the designer Jose Perea, to which numerous media had been summoned. However, once the event was over, both left through the back door and refused to attend to the press.

“Rocío Carrasco, how rude you are. I have no qualifier. She has done such an ugly thing… We have been to the fashion show, I don’t know if it is a fashion show or the carnivals, because this is nonsense. But it is what you have done in Hinojosa del Duque is very ugly”, recounted the paparazzo Diego Arrabal on your channel Youtube. “What a ‘bad’ thing he has. How can they make the media come and then go out the back door and not have the hell to go out the front door and answer the colleagues? If you want, you can veto me, but answer the rest”, he said angrily.

The man from Malaga finished off: “Who do you think you are, girl? What rudeness, what a bad baba… Just like your mother, Rocío Jurado. Your mother was going to leave through the back door! Your mother, yes She didn’t want to answer, she would go out and say that she wasn’t going to answer and she was respected because she was a lady. But what you and the little designer friend have done, who is nobody…”.