Rocío Carrasco drags Telecinco into the abyss of 8% audience with the paripé of her triumph at Mediafest

It was going to be the big night Rocio Carrasco after the endless controversies, but what could have been a historic evening for her and for television has been a nightmare for Telecinco and its poor audience levels. The spectators, like the judges, have sentenced the woman of Fidel Albiac, relegating to Mediafest Night Fever at humiliating levels for the prime time of the first chain of the Spanish subsidiary of Berlusconi.

The situation is alarming for the most important chain of the listed company that it pilots Paul Vasily in the last throes of his mandate and the data is stubborn: Mediafest Night Fever is far from the million viewers (812,000), and a disastrous 8.6% share of screen. But the audimeter’s slap does not end there: Save me low in all its editions while And now, Sonsoles up +0.9 points. To top, four a day is the great loser Qatar World Cup with 3.2%. The other collateral victim of this collapse that does not stop is Pedro Piqueras who sees how his nine o’clock news does not reach double digits to settle for a pathetic 9.1% while Vincent Valles, its competitor on Antena 3 news doubles it, in viewers and share, with 17.9%.

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Whitewash his maligned image: donate the prize but the cache, to the pocket

It was useless to Rocío Carrasco that the Machiavellian scriptwriters prepared Rocío Carrasco for her a morbid reunion with Makoke. Just a few days ago, the ex of Kiko Matamoros he was talking about the ex of Antonio David Flores bringing up the subject of his separation with his children. nuria marin he tried to stoke the fire to add violence to the moment, stating bluntly that the tension could be cut with a knife backstage. But he did not engage the audience in view of the results obtained.

As many of us took for granted, given the homage and the tone kneeling with whom they deal in La Fábrica de la Tele to Rocio Carrascowas declared the winner of the Mediafest Night Fever, to later whiten his maligned image by proclaiming that he is going to allocate the prize to charity.

Rocio Carrasco (who sings worse than a drunken cricket) and Shaila Dúrcal were finally absolute winners of the last gala of the Mediafest Night Fever. The woman who has been beaten by the judges in front of Olga Moreno she stretched her usual imposture by making a very excited face before confirming that she intends to donate all the prize money. She hopes she will also donate the fortune that she has been taking in caches since she started her docudrama televised in installments more than two years ago.

At 45 years old, the daughter of Rocio Jurado It has become the undisputed protagonist of the Telecinco disaster, a chain that has dragged it into the abyss, consolidated in second position, with La 1 knocking on the doors and Antena 3 in the stratosphere. With the Mediafest Night Feve, the woman of Fidel Albiac She debuted on the program as a new contestant in the space along with Makoke and Kiko Jiménez. But the data shows that it subtracts instead of adding, that the rejection it causes makes it less profitable than veteran participants such as Carolina Ferre, Jaime Nava, Germán González, Lydia Lozano, Irma Soriano or Ana María Aldón.

The paripé rundown that they prepared for Rocío Carrasco to win it was programmed so that the victory of Rocío Carrasco seemed close. Rocío Carrasco tied on points with Irma Soriano before the instructors proclaimed the mother of Rocio and David Flores in the absolute winner of the broadcast: “I have never won a contest for anything,” she said, excited as if she did not know that she was going to win the prize with the smell of morning, pretending he didn’t believe what he had achieved. But intelligent viewers rejected this new imposture of the winner and the collapse of Telecinco in its slot, below 9% in a prime time Friday dictates sentence, perhaps with more forcefulness than the courts that strip Rocío of her absolute truths.

The good news is that he is going to donate the 3,000 euros of the prize to an NGO that protects, above all, women who are victims of vicarious violence.