Rocío Carrasco and an employee of her mother insist on the “bad life” that Antonio David and Ortega Cano gave them

At the documentary of Rocio Carrasco has regained prominence Antonio David Flores with the revelations of one of the trusted women who worked for Dew Sworn, Mili Pineda, who assured that he saw “the ‘being’ drag Rociito by the hair.” In the same program, the singer’s daughter reaffirmed that Ortega Cano, according to her experiences, “was a dog” with her mother.

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About the former civil guard, Pineda said: “Rocío suffered a lot. I saw the ‘being’ drag him by the hair. I have seen bad manners and many things. I had to get in the way and so did my husband. Otherwise, I don’t know how he would have ended.”

The employee’s testimony has been reinforced by new details recalled by Carrasco herself. Thus, she recounted a traumatic moment that occurred “the famous day that the hand of the statue breaks” that was in the house of the chipionera artist.

According to her version, Antonio David appeared there thinking that he was going to surprise her in the company of another person. “The ‘being’ then appears on television saying that he has gone to my house and found a man in my bed, that he cannot find him and that he was hiding in Mili’s room and her husband’s!”

That day was the one that, according to Mili Pineda, the former civil guard dragged the singer’s daughter by the hair. The domestic worker assured live that she is willing to repeat these statements in court if necessary.

Her determination is iron because she promised Rocío Jurado that she would always help her daughter. “She had a lot of confidence in me. I was with her, we talked a lot. Once she told me that if her daughter needed me, she should be there, because she was going to be very lonely,” she assured. “I will always support Rocío Carrasco. Thank God she has survived. She has not lied about anything.”

Ortega Cano and the ‘bad life’

In In the name of Rocio, Rocío Jurado’s daughter has discovered some details that were unknown until now, such as the existence of a will prior to the final one, and has gone a step further against Ortega Cano by reaffirming that the right-hander gave the interpreter a “bad life”. Point.

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Thus, he told how, on more than one occasion, he kicked her out of the house: “He knows that he did not behave as he had to behave with her, that he was a dog and a bad person. Now he has to live with that and he knows what she loved him.”

Rocío recounted the night her mother called her at dawn because Ortega Cano had kicked her out of La Yerbabuena. “She called me at 3 in the morning and asked me to pick her up. She wasn’t one for scandals and she doesn’t call me with a nervous breakdown, but very serene, short and sad. With a very fragile voice. I ran and I found her sitting on the stairs of the farm with two suitcases,” said Carrasco.

The artist’s daughter also assured that, although she was willing to talk to the bullfighter about what happened, the artist did not allow it: “He just got into the car and asked me to leave.”

In the same program, Rocío Carrasco was forceful in saying that “what I cannot allow is that I have lived what I have lived, have felt what I have felt, have heard what I have heard and turn on the television and see this man crying saying my mother was the love of his life. Not my life.”

She also pointed out that not only did she know this, but the rest of the family knew what was happening in the marriage, although they now deny it: “Gloria knows everything and Amador too, and many more things. And whoever says he is not lying “, he claimed.

In that sense, Pineda was more cautious when asked if the bullfighter gave the singer a “bad life.” After maintaining a tense silence, he assured that “they got along like many marriages, with their pluses and minuses”: “Rocío is her daughter and she knows what she has lived with her mother. I have lived many things up close. And if she need, here I am”, sentenced.