Rochina: “We hope to break the Mestalla curse”

How are you from the injury? Recovered for the derby?

Well, the truth is that the injury has been forgotten in theory for quite some time, so let's hope it continues like this.

The other day in the match last Friday he was left out in the second half. I imagine as a precaution.

Yes, in the end they are situations that occur. I understand that after so long training at home the adaptation is not the same and in the end they are simple annoyances, as happens in the preseason, that come out and that in this situation it is worth preventing and not trying to risk.

They have already had the first contact with La Nucía and Camilo Cano. How about the first feelings?

Well, obviously different sensations; but well, at the same time good feelings. I believe that these days here will be very useful for us to adapt as soon as possible to what our new home is.

Levante Shield / Flag

What condition is the lawn in? After standing for so long it seems essential to avoid injury.

The grass looks good. It is clear that it is another type of grass than that of Buñol or the one we had in the stadium today. But I already tell you, the idea of ​​coming here is to adapt as soon as possible to those small changes that may take place when the ball is bounced or when it rolls, and that's what we're at.

And, despite the fact that the first game in La Nucía is against Sevilla, they have left with their sights set on the derby.

Man, it's clear. It is the first game we have and it is the one we have to focus on. In the end I think that there is no better match than a derby to resume the competition and after all we have experienced, I think that a city like Valencia does well enough.

From playing in full Fallas, to playing behind closed doors …

It is clear that it is not the ideal situation, nor the one that we like soccer players, fans or anyone else. But well, in this situation that we have experienced and that we are experiencing, I think that in the end we have to be aware that it has been a hard situation and we have to keep the positive side. The fact that football can be resumed, even for the moment behind closed doors, is already a step forward and we will adapt to it in the best possible way.

What do you expect from the match? You already know that Levante has never won at Mestalla.

At the end, right now, what is expected of a game is a bit difficult to predict. At the end of a season you can analyze the rival, you can analyze what stage of the season he is in … I think that right now he is an unknown quantity, both for them and for us. Let's see, it is clear that in the end they will mark two things: physically it will be difficult to hold the matches at a high rate today as we are, but for everyone I understand, and then also all that are concepts tactical and the technical part, that as much as you have tried to work at this time and remember, in the end are aspects that only improve and are seen when we play. In the end I understand that in the first games it will be noticed a little, as it happens in the beginning of the League. But we will try to affect it as little as possible and hope to break that curse of never having won at Mestalla.

What is your assessment of the margin you have had to prepare for your return?

Man, it's clearly not ideal. Not because of the time frame, but because of the way it has been done. In the end we have been working for a while individually, then going through different phases … we have not been able to face friendly matches which for me is the fundamental thing. What gives you that rhythm of competition in those preseason games where you pick up the pace little by little and in the end that's what will be most noticeable. I speak from my personal point of view, but I understand that the majority of colleagues will agree that this will be noticed and, well, in the end it is our turn, we will adapt to it and there is little else we can do.

Shield / Flag Valencia

You went through the Valencia school. How was your time in Paterna?

I was playing in the town, in Sagunto, and once I took communion I took the step of going there, I was between three and four years. And finally, after the Brunete tournament, I had the opportunity to go to Barcelona and finish training as a footballer there and that was a bit of my experience. Obviously, I have affection for everything, because I think it does not hurt to be grateful in this life and value where you have been taught and have spent a few years. But it is true that today I am in Levante, since I came here I feel at home and today it is the club that I defend and there is no doubt that Levante is my team.

At some point it rang to return.

Well, yes, there were some conversations with the directive that was at the time. The option was considered, but finally everything was paralyzed. I think it is when there was a change of owner and all that situation and in the end nothing else came about.

And it was Levante that gave him the opportunity to return to his homeland. He ends his contract in 2021 and has already expressed his desire to listen to Levante before anyone else.

As I said, I think that in life you have to be grateful. Levante gave me the opportunity to return to Spain and especially home after my experience in Russia. And I have said it, and I reiterate it, that in the end, regardless of the decision they make when the time comes, the first thing I will do is listen to Levante without any doubt. So I transmitted it to the club, I told them that just as they had transmitted their desire to speak to me, they should rest assured that for me, before making any decision, the first thing I would do is contact them and I continue to maintain it.