Robinho, his “€ 230 per month” and the comparison between Madrid and Inter

Or menino da vila, or idol. The Last Pedal. 2020: or fourth year. (The village boy, the idol. The last pedal stroke. 2020: the fourth act). This is how Santos accompanied the image of a young Robinho, with the '7' on his back, in the middle of one of his countless dribbles that drew the attention of Europe and placed him the Olympus of the great promises of football shortly after the 2000 Effect went into a mirage. Now, 18 years after The Peixe gave him the alternative, Robinho, again with his inseparable '7' on his back, returns home after leaving Istanbul Basaksehir. So far, nothing beyond what the return of the prodigal son supposes, again (this will be his fourth stage in Santos). However, there is something that the footballer himself has had to confirm in an interview published by Tuttomercato: “It's true, I signed with Santos for 230 euros a month”.

“It's true, but I don't even like it being talked about. In this global emergency, we all have to do our bit and I have decided to play practically free these five months “, confirms the Brazilian when asked about one of the hottest topics of the Brasileirao. “Today, Santos needs me, as I needed Santos in my early days. We all have to adapt,” he says. As it is well known, the attacker has signed until the end of the Brazilian championship and will try to help in the classification for the next Libertadores.

However, an interview with someone with the experience of our protagonist cannot avoid topics from his past, such as his time in Serie A in the ranks of Milan: “They were four wonderful years, I scored more than 30 goals, we won an unforgettable Scudetto and also an Italian Super Cup (…) I was lucky enough to play with many champions: Pato, Gattuso, Seedorf, Pirlo, Ronaldinho, Thiago Silva, Inzaghi, Kakà, Ibrahimovic … “. And with the Swede he stops: “I had the privilege of playing and training with him (…) It does not surprise me that with almost 40 years he continues to be a phenomenon …”.

“The nerazzurri they have nothing to envy the whites “

Although there is a comparison that concerns the club that opened the doors to Europe, Real Madrid. Much has happened, although not as much as it would have been necessary, since Robinho landed in Barajas in 2005 in exchange for 24 million euros. Three years later he would go to City, in search of a Ballon d'Or that would never arrive.

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Robinho in one of his most memorable games as a Real Madrid player, that of his debut season, against Cádiz.

Giacomo Iacobellis, the author of the interview, asks him about the duel that will take place in the next Champions League between the main rival of 'his' Milan, Inter, and the white team, since they share a group: “It will be a beautiful double owner to watch and really difficult. Inter and Madrid have ended up in a very competitive group, but we are talking about two big names and both will try to finish first in the group. Anything can happen. “And sentence: “The nerazzurri they have nothing to envy the whites. “

After his departure from the Bernabéu, he did not consolidate in the Etihad either and passed, in addition to the aforementioned Milan, Basaksehir and Santos, through the Chinese league (Guangzhou Evergrade) by the Turkish Sivasspor and by Atlético Mineiro of his country. However, as this interview shows, Italy and Milan have marked him above the rest: “I can only speak well of Italian football and life in Italy.” Before closing with a “Always force Milan!“.