Robertson: “It has to be a near perfect match”

Comeback against Barcelona: “Going out on the pitch with 55,000 people at Anfield against Barcelona gave us the 5% that made the difference. We will try to create the same atmosphere ourselves in the dressing room. Barcelona's was an incredible night, because of how we scored the goals and because of the noise. that there was that night. Tomorrow we will not have the same, but we are going to face the most experienced team and it is a great challenge for us. We believe that we can win this game and anyone else. If we win it, we have options to qualify. “

Liverpool Shield / Flag

Objectives in the match: “Maybe there are not many who give us hope, but we think we can play better than last week and that gives us an option. It has to be an almost perfect performance. We have to make it uncomfortable for a very experienced team. We are going to go out with everything. trust because we have nothing to lose. “

Streak at Anfield: “Our streak at Anfield hasn't been good enough since Boxing Day, it's as simple as that. It hasn't been good.”

Dangers of Real Madrid: “The Real Madrid attackers all have a lot of quality, they showed it last week. Benzema has already shown it for many years. It's about trying to keep a clean sheet because that way we would have to score only two goals.”