Roberto López was on trial at Liverpool

Lopez It is not a squad to use. He is not one of those ‘foals’ who arrive in Zubieta very small and progress and burn stages like txuri urdin as the years go by. The story of Robert
Lopez could change before landing at the Real.

At the age of five he left futsal to join UD Amistad at the hands of Kike
Lush, its discoverer and one of its first coaches: “They tell me that there is a boy who stands out playing futsal, I'm going to watch him a couple of games and I decide to talk to his mother to bring him to the club,” says Lozano in conversation with MD . “You could see that he was different, that he gave meaningful passes and that he did not run like a headless chicken as is done at his age”, remarks the coach. After convincing the mother, he arrives at the hand set in benjamines.

“The whole club knew it was someone different,” defends Lozano, who lists the possible exits of Robert
Lopez that finally ended up truncating: “In Benjamin, he is already beginning to stand out in the province with 10-11 years, he shone with his incredible hit with his left foot, he got away from his teammates with great ease … The boy was different and Zaragoza was interested in him ”, he says. The introverted personality of Robert
Lopez it does not move yet: “He is reserved and wanted to play with his friends while he was growing up.”

It is in the Infantile Division of Honor when the greats knock on his door: “At the age of 14, Villarreal, Athletic called him … In fact, he was in Lezama training and playing games, but they tell him that they already have players for their position,” he reveals Lush. In cadets, Villarreal “goes after him and has him closed, but Liverpool appears on the scene and Real is also asking about him,” he says, happy. A 'red' scout shows up in Zaragoza to convince the kid: “I told him I couldn't miss the opportunity and he went to England for four days to try Liverpool and visit Anfield, but things didn't go the way we wanted,” regrets Lozano , which tries to find why: “Robert he was so reserved that I think he got to feel alone, he is very familiar and it did not go well despite the fact that Liverpool were delighted ”, reveals its discoverer.

In that waiting time, Liverpool does not move a tab either and Robert
Lopez he despairs: “He sees how Villarreal discards him for going to England, Athletic does not have him either, Liverpool cannot decide … It was a bad time, but then Real appeared and we decided it was time to take the leap” . Roberto López accepted the proposal of the txuri urdin club, which opened the doors of Zubieta when he was 15 years old to give him the love that others did not give him.