Robert De Niro testifies in court: his former assistant accuses him of abuse and asks for $12 million

Robert de Niro He went to the New York courts this Tuesday to testify after being accused of workplace abuse by his former personal assistant, Graham Chase Robinsonwhich demands 12 million dollars – about 11.2 million euros – in damages for severe emotional distress and reputational damage.

The protagonist of Taxi Driver has been sued for making sexual comments, verbally abusing and assigning “stereotypically feminine tasks” to his former worker, according to reports TMZ, who has had access to the complaint. Robinson has taken this step after the actor filed a lawsuit against her last year.

The 80-year-old interpreter sued Robinson for watching 55 episodes of the series Friends for 4 days in a row and for using the company credit card to buy luxury meals.

The woman worked for De Niro between 2008 and 2019, earning $300,000 a year, that is, about 282,000 euros. In addition, she was the vice president of her production company Canal Productions, a job from which she resigned after confronting the actor’s girlfriend, Tiffany Chen.

Sexual jokes and insults

Robinson explains that De Niro treated her like “a kind of domestic servant” despite her role in the production company. For example, she would ask him to take him to the hospital when he fell down the stairs or to put up the Christmas tree. In addition, she made sexual jokes about her Viagra prescription, asked her for favors at inappropriate times and did not defend her in the face of intolerable situations, such as a friend of the actor touching her ass without her permission.

De Niro has on more than one occasion described these accusations as “nonsense.” Likewise, Robinson has presented voice messages at trial in which the actor was heard saying phrases such as “You don’t answer my calls? How dare you? You’re about to be fired. How dare you?”

The audios also confirmed how the artist called her a “spoiled brat” when Robinson asked her for a new position. “Fuck you,” he replied.