Robbie Williams shows off his shocking physical change in a campaign for Valentine's Day

Already recovered from his drug addiction, the singer Robbie Williamswith successes behind him such as Angels, has shown off her impressive physical change while posing for a fun photo shoot on the occasion of Valentine's Day. The artist has promoted the new range of socks from his wife's brand, Ayda Field, where he has boasted of his spectacular physical condition at 49 years old. At the same time that he prepares a “shocking offer” to buy his childhood club, Port Vale FC in Burslem, the interpreter is in his best physical moment, and he has not hesitated to show it off.

The truth is that the artist has already revealed that he lost four kilos with changes in his daily habits. And for the interpreter of Candy, being overweight was “catastrophic” for his mental health and made him “unhappy.” A weight loss that was caused by her quitting smoking, as she recently confessed in an interview for The Sun.

He even detailed the formula that allowed him to lose around ten kilos: Ozempic, a very popular slimming drug in American culture. “My inner voice speaks to me like Katie Hopkins talks about fat people. “He's maddening,” confessed Robbie, who also claimed that he was “eating less”: “It's constant work and it's not my natural way of being. For me, the normal thing is to be twice this size”he expressed.

After all the storms of self-esteem and excesses with drugs and alcohol that he talked about in his documentary for Netflix, life smiles on him again. Fruit of her marriage to Ayda Field their four children were born: Teddy, Charlie, Coco y Beau. “I know I have a great life and I feel lucky to have my family. Right now I would describe myself as a very happy hermit”culmina Williams.

The performer of hits like Rock DJ He suffered addictions after his rise to fame when he was still a teenager. However, Williams has been away from substance abuse for more than a decade: “When you stop drinking, you stay with the person you are. And the person I was really was depressed and isolated. I didn't know how to be a human”he reported for the aforementioned American magazine.