Rivaldo, FC Barcelona legend and Betfair ambassador, has appreciated the signing of Luis Suárez by Atlético de Madrid. In the opinion of the winner of the Ballon d'Or in 1999, Uruguayan fits perfectly into the mattress philosophy. It is the ideal club led by Diego Pablo Simeone, the ideal coach for his characteristics. Despite this, Rivaldo reinforces his opinion and insists: “Suárez should never have left Barcelona“.

“Luis is going against my wish, but I think he does well to stay in Spain. First, because it is a league that he knows perfectly well. But the thing is Furthermore, signing for Atlético is an excellent choice. It is a club that will always fight for the League and the Champions League, “added Rivaldo.

The Betfair ambassador points to Cholo Simeone as one of the architects of this signing. “Simeone is the ideal coach for the virtues of Luis Suárez. He is a player who never gives up, he is a warrior and fights every ball inside or outside the area. You have landed in the perfect club to perpetuate your style. Cholo is sure to be delighted with the signing. It fits perfectly with what you are looking for in a footballer, “Rivaldo complimented.

“Barcelona could only block his departure to Real Madrid”

Rivaldo believes that Barcelona had no right to veto the departure of Suárez to Atlético. “Of course he is a direct rival, but Barcelona should not care too much, because, after all, they were the ones who were looking for a way out. A different matter is that Real Madrid would have been interested. There the rivalry is greater and Barcelona would have had to block his goodbye “, estimated the Betfair ambassador.

Despite all these reflections, this world champion in 2002 is sad with the departure of Suárez. “I admire him very, very much. That's why I think he shouldn't have left Barcelonto. I find it hard to understand your goodbye. I can only find an explanation after leaving for reasons of age, but I'm not convinced either. Suárez should have stayed, “Rivaldo defended his position.

“Sooner or later Barcelona will have to sign a 9”

Now with the departure of Suárez, the question remains whether FC Barcelona should sign a center forward. Rivaldo has it very clear: “Sooner or later Barcelona will have to bring another battering ram. It is true that everything will depend a little on how Koeman will play. It seems that in his system Griezmann or Messi could occupy that position, but I do not know how to work, “the Betfair ambassador raised his doubts.

“And even if it works and starts the season well, I think Barcelona will sign a '9'. It is not easy to compete without Suárez's goals, but that is already Koeman's business. In any case, he was the one who left and encouraged Suárez to leave, “Rivaldo slipped between the lines.

“Messi could renew, let's not forget that there are elections”

The departure of Suárez could have consequences in the future of Leo Messi, who already today has regretted in social networks that the Uruguayan left without the great tribute he deserved “not that they throw you out as they did,” the Argentine wrote. But despite this, Rivaldo believes that there is still room for hope and that Messi continues as Barça player beyond this course.

“It is true that Suárez or Vidal, who were his great supporters in the dressing room, have left, but I say it from experience: this is football and anything can happen. Besides, nOr let's forget that there are presidential elections in Barcelona scheduled for 2021, which could change the current panorama. Even more so if the team wins titles again and Messi leaves for another season. Who knows, maybe he can be happy again and open a dialogue to renew. There is still a lot left, “Rivaldo warned.

“Messi will not last forever, Ansu Fati is the future”

Despite this, despite the option that Messi could stay, Rivaldo is aware that “Messi will not last forever at Barcelona. That's why The renewal of Ansu Fati seems very logical to me with such a high clause and for so many years. Barcelona need to prepare for a future without Leo and Ansu is the type of player who makes a difference when necessary, “complimented the Betfair ambassador.