Risto Mejide and Natalia Almarcha resume their relationship: their date in Madrid after their umpteenth reconciliation

Risto Mejide y Natalia Almarcha They are back together after their breakup came to light at the beginning of this year. The pharmacist broke up with the presenter because she did not feel “well treated or valued”, but now she has given him a new opportunity. And there are already a few.

The young woman traveled to Madrid this weekend to be with her boyfriendwith which she was seen taking a walk through the capital, as she says Week. And, although neither has spoken publicly about their reconciliation, it is common for them to deal with constant comings and goings.

The last breakup came from the nutritionist, who, as reported at the time MamarazzisI was tired of the publicist's treatment. “His strong character is nothing new to anyone”Laura Fa and Lorena Vázquez told about the ex-husband of Laura Escanes.

Almarcha was tired of giving up on her courtship, since She should always be the one to move to Madrid to live a family life. along with the presenter and his two children. Furthermore, while he boasted a consolidated professional career, she had a long way to go to work on her projects away from the media spotlight. And there have been several occasions in which she has seemed uncomfortable in front of the cameras.

Between gifts and new opportunities

Last summer, while Escanes enjoyed her relationship with her now ex-boyfriend, Álvaro de Luna, Mejide bragged about her love with Almarcha through social networks. He even gave her a ring worth 7,000 euros.. However, the entry of 2024 brought sad news for both of them: again, they had broken up.

A few months ago they had also decided to go their separate ways. A situation they repaired in the spring, when the young woman was seen supporting her boyfriend at the Book Fair. However, it must be said that despite her good gestures in public, The tension between the two has pushed them to the limit on several occasions.

This is confirmed in some publications that Almarcha shared at this time on Instagram. “By opening your eyes you learn more than opening your mouth”he once wrote, a message to which was later added a new lapidary text in which he lamented “the significant excess of hypocrisy.”

“A world in which the values ​​of respect and fidelity have been completely lost. A world where there is a lot of interest in selling a life through social networks, which, the more it disagrees with reality, the better. A narcissistic world. A world in which we seek our own good without caring about the victims we leave along the way. A world to which, thank God, I do not belong,” he stated. For his part, Mejide insisted that, in a breakup, there are always “two versions”.